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PhotoBlink is a photo site that goes far beyond being a conventional photo forum or photo contest. As well as providing a rich environment for members to post, rate and discuss their photos and photography in general, it also features advanced photo galleries where members can exhibit, promote and sell photos. PhotoBlink also provides thematic photo contests in cooperation with photo manufacturers. More...

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English country garden, by DATSoap Bubble Fire, by Stuart HolmesMaster of the Sofa, by Mark VaintroubEngaging with Bubbles, by Stuart Holmesflowers, by darko

Special Photographer     Wessel-130766 (-440)
Dressmaker, by Wessel-130766Black-crowned Night Heron, by Wessel-130766Elfia Fantasy fair, by Wessel-130766

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Hunting for Crabs, by GeordieLighthouse in Lanzarote, by Graham MealandJulia, by Boulatov Dmitry
Robin, by Wessel-130766Tanya, by svsBee at work, by Wessel-130766

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Got My Eye On You, Ray Griffiths
Got My Eye On You
Ray Griffiths
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Autumn Reflections III, Sasha Pezelj
Got My Eye On You, Ray Griffiths
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Bluebells.., Reidar
On the western side of the sky, Hania

Comment of the day
This looks really nice until you break it down, then, you see it needs more work in some places. These lines,[^347;419;1][^196;432;1]should go to match the rest of the skin. If you are going glamour, then all the face should be smooth. The double catch light is bad. I would not have added these[^199;403;1][^331;396;1]but lightened the natural ones[^196;395;1][^331;388;1]. A little sloppy work on the BG, looks like you blurred the BG out and this[^109;548;1]is the effect from it. When you softened the skin, you softened the hair too. I would not do that, it looks softened here[^224;108;1]. There should be more texture in the hair. Do not sharpen the hair either, just leave it natural. Whitening the teeth and eyes would help, only a little, make it look natural. Also, these little highlights in the teeth[^272;530;1]might need to go to, that just something I do, not everyone takes that out.

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