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(by Reza Payamito Koduck)

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Comment by Reza Payami(11/4/2017 4:52:53 PM) - LovEly cute nice portrait

Comment by Reza Payami(10/15/2014 10:32:16 AM) - Thank you for your comment.

Comment by Reza Payami(10/14/2014 6:51:03 PM) - Great shot.

Comment by Reza Payami(10/14/2014 6:49:47 PM) - Awesome.

Comment by Reza Payami(10/14/2014 6:47:57 PM) - Splendid .

Comment by Reza Payami(8/14/2013 10:10:33 PM) - Gorgeous portraiture job.

Comment by Reza Payami(8/14/2013 10:05:32 PM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):

Appreciate for saving the time for commenting.

Comment by Reza Payami(8/14/2013 10:02:01 PM) - Very nice shot with excellent sharpness.

Comment by Reza Payami(8/14/2013 8:41:10 AM) - #2 April(Cindy Metzger): Thank you very much Cindy.

Comment by Reza Payami(8/14/2013 8:39:59 AM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):
Thank a lot Hania.

Comment by Reza Payami(8/12/2013 12:55:49 PM) - #1 Hania(Anna Franek):
#2 April(Cindy Metzger):
Agree with you,needs to repeat the shot.
Thank you so much.

Comment by Reza Payami(8/9/2013 1:49:38 PM) - #5 Yosi Helmann: Thanks a lot.

Comment by Reza Payami(7/20/2013 9:12:32 PM) - #1 Sreten:
#2 rafal_antoniuk:
#3 joe bellantoni:
Appreciate your comments,Agree with you dears.

Comment by Reza Payami(7/19/2013 7:01:35 PM) - #1 rafal_antoniuk:
#2 Safa:
#3 Reidar:
Thanks a lot.

Comment by Reza Payami(7/19/2013 4:49:30 PM) - Nice shot

Comment by Reza Payami(7/19/2013 4:46:49 PM) - Amazing macro.

Comment by Reza Payami(7/19/2013 4:39:56 PM) - So. nice, like reflection effect and color.

Comment by Reza Payami(7/19/2013 4:35:52 PM) - Like composition,mood,and contrast.
Great shot.

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