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(by Sretento DAT)

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Comment by Sreten(8/6/2017 12:32:32 PM) - The highlight and shadow effect would increase the quality of this photo imho. Here is my example if you don't mind. Thank you and est regards.

Comment by Sreten(7/22/2017 6:22:58 AM) - Agree with Safa.

Comment by Sreten(7/15/2017 2:17:40 PM) - Very good wide angle.

Comment by Sreten(7/8/2017 2:23:38 AM) - Very nice peaceful mood with lovely lights and colors.

Comment by Sreten(6/17/2017 11:56:05 AM) - Top class!

Comment by Sreten(6/17/2017 11:55:10 AM) - Very good.

Comment by Sreten(6/2/2017 8:13:31 AM) - Interesting POV while the added water makes it more dramatic. Have a nice week end, Dean.

Comment by Sreten(5/19/2017 1:00:24 AM) - Wonderful mood and nice processing.

Comment by Sreten(5/12/2017 1:08:25 AM) - Very moody with nice processing.

Comment by Sreten(5/7/2017 1:38:18 AM) - Very sad news. He was a great photographer from whose photos many of us were finding inspirations. Rest in peace.

Comment by Sreten(4/25/2017 1:30:42 PM) - Very sharp and well exposed.

Comment by Sreten(4/25/2017 1:29:55 PM) - Wonderful!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Sreten(2/14/2017 8:36:21 AM) - Excellent!

Comment by Sreten(12/8/2016 5:31:32 AM) - Very good light and mood. Well done, Dmitry!

Comment by Sreten(12/8/2016 5:30:20 AM) - Wonderful and colorful study of the beauty of the autumn. The overall impression would be much better with the bigger size photo.

Comment by Sreten(12/8/2016 5:28:19 AM) - Simple but very effective seascape with dramatic sky formation and beautiful color of the sea. I would recommend seeing this with totally black PB background.

Comment by Sreten(12/8/2016 5:26:42 AM) - Very elegant post indicating that winter is knockingat our door. Well done, Wessel.

Comment by Sreten(12/4/2016 3:18:19 PM) - Simple but very effective. Nice toning.

Comment by Sreten(12/4/2016 3:17:28 PM) - Very good composition, nice colors and light.

Comment by Sreten(12/4/2016 5:56:00 AM) - Very good work, excellent exposure and nice contrast!

Comment by Sreten(12/1/2016 3:33:55 AM) - Winter is knocking at our door! Well done, Susanne.

Comment by Sreten(11/18/2016 8:00:08 PM) - Very nice portrait of this lovely model.

Comment by Sreten(11/14/2016 5:10:02 AM) - Very well composed with lovely toning and good clarity. Great mood.

Comment by Sreten(11/8/2016 3:27:13 AM) - Lovely composition and very nice homage to Autumn.

Comment by Sreten(11/8/2016 3:25:54 AM) - Strong portrait of the famous pirate with great details and clarity.

Comment by Sreten(10/10/2016 7:01:52 AM) - Very moody with interesting light and colors.

Comment by Sreten(10/3/2016 11:56:10 AM) - #1 Zenonas: Thank you.
#2 Geordie(Dean Wilson): Thank you.
#3 svs(Vladyslav Sachyk): Thank you.
#4 Hania(Anna Franek): I am pleased, Anna. Thank you.

Comment by Sreten(9/26/2016 8:02:48 AM) - Lovely details and clarity. Nice warm light on this proud guy.

Comment by Sreten(9/23/2016 12:01:23 PM) - Great colors and details on this lovely robin.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Sreten(9/17/2016 1:23:36 AM) - Wonderful study of the shallow DOF with great composition and attractive pastel colors.

Comment by Sreten(9/6/2016 6:56:49 AM) - Lovely perspective and good toning.

Comment by Sreten(9/6/2016 1:03:22 AM) - Good composition, strong and vibrant colors make this pastoral scene beautiful one.

Comment by Sreten(9/5/2016 4:07:57 PM) - Excellent!

Comment by Sreten(9/5/2016 4:07:28 PM) - Great!

Comment by Sreten(8/31/2016 7:08:04 AM) - It looks like a breaking of sound wall. Original and very creative, again. Best regards.

Comment by Sreten(8/27/2016 3:36:59 PM) - #8 Geordie(Dean Wilson): Thank you, Dean.

Comment by Sreten(8/27/2016 3:35:28 PM) - Wonderful!!!

Comment by Sreten(8/26/2016 3:26:33 PM) - #5 The Last Mohican(Linas Pociukas): Thank you, Linas.

Comment by Sreten(8/26/2016 2:07:01 PM) - #3 Ray Griffiths( ): Thank you, Ray.

Comment by Sreten(8/26/2016 12:18:52 PM) - #1 Zenonas: Thank you my dear friend. Lithuania is always a force of this sport, results vary from time to time but your country has succeeded to establish its own basketball school which is very stable with good proliferation of players. I am sure that your team will be more successful at the next European championships.And don't forget, Lithuania has population a bit less of 3 millions and so many basketball medals!!!

Comment by Sreten(8/23/2016 4:17:36 PM) - Curiosity everywhere! Outstanding shot, Dean!

Comment by Sreten(8/23/2016 4:16:25 PM) - Another nostalgic and perfectly composed shot. Bravo, Z!

Comment by Sreten(8/23/2016 4:15:04 PM) - Lovely composition and very positive mood. Well done Susanne!

Comment by Sreten(8/9/2016 1:31:47 PM) - Top class!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Sreten(7/23/2016 9:07:41 AM) - Top class!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Sreten(7/3/2016 8:39:55 AM) - Wonderful composition, point of view and pose.

Comment by Sreten(7/1/2016 1:23:16 AM) - Great mood!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Sreten(6/30/2016 6:15:13 AM) - Pure art!

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Sreten(6/30/2016 6:13:53 AM) - Well done, Z!

Comment by Sreten(6/30/2016 6:13:11 AM) - Good attempt.

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