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(to mojdeh raha)

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Comment by tomaabov(10/28/2015 4:20:18 PM) - Very good.

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/23/2015 9:14:24 AM) - #5 Sreten: thank you

Comment by Sreten(10/20/2015 7:59:25 AM) - Mysterious with good story. Very interesting post!

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/19/2015 8:59:52 AM) - #2 Zenonas: thank you Z.

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/19/2015 8:59:18 AM) - #1 DAT(Davey Towers): thank you

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Zenonas(10/19/2015 3:58:55 AM) - Great play of light and darkness.

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by DAT (Davey Towers)(10/19/2015 3:31:45 AM) - Excellent, thought provoking image, well done

Top 10 Recommendation
Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/15/2014 11:29:15 AM) - Very well composed, beautiful portrait with great expression.
Agree with comments about skin tones.

Comment by mojdeh raha(5/10/2014 1:53:21 PM) - #5 Reda Danaf: ty Reda

Comment by Reda Danaf(5/10/2014 3:07:01 AM) - Beautiful portrait Mojdeh, love the expression.

Comment by mojdeh raha(5/9/2014 10:12:59 PM) - #1 TW_Bda(Tim White): ty Tim
#2 B2O: ty B
#3 Geordie(Dean Wilson): ty Dean

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(5/9/2014 5:16:44 PM) - Lovely rapport with the subject and the composition is great!

Comment by B2O(5/9/2014 3:12:33 PM) - Great contact with the photographer Mojdeh. Sweet boy and a sweet BG.
I like the addition on the skin tone of Tim's example.
Gr. Bas

Comment by TW_Bda (Tim White)(5/9/2014 3:07:48 PM) - Cute expression, well caught. I lifted the shadows a bite and moved the colour balance away from green. See what you think.

Comment by mojdeh raha(4/25/2014 3:25:48 PM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Canon to the left, Nikon to the right..): ty Ray

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(4/25/2014 2:32:41 PM) - Great perspective

Comment by mojdeh raha(4/25/2014 7:00:17 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Canon to the left, Nikon to the right..): ty Ray
#2 TW_Bda(Tim White): ty Tim
#3 Wessel-130766: ty Wessel

Comment by Wessel-130766(4/24/2014 3:45:44 PM) - Nice soft composition

Comment by TW_Bda (Tim White)(4/24/2014 2:25:00 PM) - Nice, almost Orton effect. Looks good in b/w too.

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(4/24/2014 9:58:38 AM) - Lovely view, nice soft effect on the trees.

Comment by Mario Dias(3/13/2014 1:43:21 PM) - Great job.
Personally I would try to add a bit more light just in her face to highlight that beautiful expression and smile.
Love this kind of photos.

Comment by mojdeh raha(11/27/2013 2:03:01 PM) - #1 Ray Griffiths(Winter is Coming):
#2 Hania(Anna Franek):
#3 Sjilkov:
TY all for comments and votes.

Comment by Sjilkov(11/27/2013 1:46:25 PM) - Good

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/27/2013 12:16:03 PM) - Beautiful flowers. Like the blurred bg.

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(11/27/2013 9:15:38 AM) - Very pretty

Comment by mojdeh raha(11/15/2013 3:51:15 AM) - #1 Sjilkov: ty Sjilkov

Comment by Sjilkov(11/14/2013 7:42:59 PM) - Good

Comment by mojdeh raha(11/5/2013 8:51:40 AM) - #5 Hania(Anna Franek): ty Anna..

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(11/5/2013 8:37:17 AM) - Well composed landscape with so beautiful light!

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/31/2013 2:25:30 PM) - #1 Elisabeth: ty Elisabeth
#2 incult(Marius Caragea):ty Marius
#3 Reidar: ty Reidar

Comment by Reidar(10/31/2013 5:59:34 AM) - Wonderful color!

Comment by incult (Marius Caragea)(10/31/2013 12:07:18 AM) - Nice sunset.

Comment by Elisabeth(10/30/2013 7:36:39 PM) - Beautiful golden tones!

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/30/2013 12:50:55 AM) - #1 Sasha Pezelj: yes Sasha..I have lost my o..ty

Comment by Sasha Pezelj(10/29/2013 9:53:56 AM) - You've lost one o

Comment by Ray Griffiths ( )(10/19/2013 6:38:07 AM) - Yes, something from nothing. Well done.

Comment by Hania (Anna Franek)(10/19/2013 5:55:06 AM) - My first thought was - I miss the clouds, but then I saw an interesting play of shapes and colours.

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/17/2013 8:14:45 AM) - #3 Yosi Helmann: ty Yosi.

Comment by Yosi Helmann(10/16/2013 1:09:43 PM) - Nice attemp to show the generations gap. I think that the focus on the older man face is not sharp as at the younger man face.

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/16/2013 12:18:58 PM) - #1 Geordie(Dean Wilson): ty Dean

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(10/16/2013 9:09:30 AM) - Nice candid photography - love the expressions!

Comment by Sjilkov(10/15/2013 5:13:33 PM) - Good

Comment by Zenonas(10/15/2013 4:33:01 PM) - Great action shot, yes, well composed!

Comment by Geordie (Dean Wilson)(10/15/2013 7:54:41 AM) - Nice composition and content. Good eye contact too!

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/13/2013 10:08:48 PM) - #10 Reidar: ty Reidar
#11 Boulatov Dmitry: ty Boulatov
#12 April(Cindy Metzger): ty April

Comment by April (Cindy Metzger)(10/13/2013 5:27:34 PM) - My eyes go straight to her smiling face. Then I see the beautiful textures and toning surrounding her. Really love this image, has impact.

Comment by Boulatov Dmitry(10/13/2013 5:06:16 PM) - very good shot

Comment by Reidar(10/13/2013 2:34:32 PM) - Good one

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/13/2013 1:50:40 PM) - #1 Elisabeth:
#2 Ray Griffiths(Pictures speak louder than words):
#3 Ad:
#4 Ad:
#6 Geordie(Dean Wilson):
#5 Sasha Pezelj:
#7 Sjilkov:
ty all for comments and votes.

Comment by mojdeh raha(10/13/2013 1:49:52 PM) - #5 Sasha Pezelj: U R right Sasha.

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