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(by Stuart Holmesto Stuart Holmes, crop suggestions only)

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Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/31/2016 10:44:55 AM) - #1 Ray Griffiths( ): Yeah, I felt the same about the composition myself. When I spotted him, I was across the parking lot and so slowly walked towards this tree while looking through the view finder. As I was moving and not really sure how long he'd stay put I kept him where I had the best chance of a sharp result. I've suggested a crop that might be more pleasing, but I miss some of the green background that helps set the location of the shot.

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/26/2016 12:19:27 PM) - I really like the mood and the lighting here. I suggested a crop that eliminates some of the darker areas only because you might then be able to upload with a higher resolution and still stay under the size limits. (I do wish this scene was sharper overall, but I'm not sure how much has been degraded because of the small file size...)

Comment by Stuart Holmes(7/1/2015 3:41:27 PM) - I'm not viewing this on my normal monitor, but this seems very over-sharpened. This is especially visible here [^540;337;1][^313;125;1] with the fringing it produces. Composition and refelctions are nice. My suggested crop is really just a bit of play...

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