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(to Udovichenko, crop suggestions only)

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Comment by joe bellantoni(6/26/2013 3:55:03 PM) - I like less on the top..nice framing

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(5/14/2013 6:35:39 AM) - This one is nicer then yesterday, the eyes look more natural! But, I think the crop is wrong. You cropped landscape, I think a portrait crop would work better. This line here[^99;251;1]hurts the shot a little. The teeth look a tiny bit yellow too. But over all, I like it, she makes a wonderful model, she is so cute!

Comment by Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)(5/13/2013 8:22:28 PM) - Very nice lighting, might zap this[^218;329;1]. The eyes look a little too blue to me but that could be me. I left you a little crop, I do not like the bra buckle showing.

Comment by joe bellantoni(5/13/2013 10:30:17 AM) - from what I have been reading this is the new type of crop for portraits...

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