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author Bas Haasnoot
subjectWild life
title The encouter
date10/11/2004 3:11:53 AM
detailsIt was getting late after a nice drive & a visit to a Hippo pool, we had to go back to the Olifants Camp. We had to hurry, and suddenly: excitement!
We met Leo the Leopard beside of the road. I can still feel the adrenaline in my veins..

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1 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (10/11/2004 3:36:14 AM)
Pose well spoted.
2 Dom (Dominic Cantin)   (10/11/2004 3:41:55 AM)
Surely impressive to see this big cat live !!! Well captured !
3 herman blockx   (10/11/2004 4:23:11 AM)
great shot indeed! very nice pose!very intense moment!
4 Miguel Lasa   (10/11/2004 4:45:36 AM)
great shot
5 Jouni Lehtonen   (10/11/2004 4:51:03 AM)
Excellent! Very good composition, nice colors, very good sharpness and depht of field.
6 Fiona Hoskin   (10/11/2004 5:14:55 AM)
Wow! He looks as if he is about to pounce - no wonder your adrenalin was pumping! We didn't see any big cats on our trip - I am jealous!
7 JayKeller (Jay Keller)   (10/11/2004 5:29:52 AM)
Yes, wow! This is intense.
8 Fransisco   (10/11/2004 6:27:19 AM)
Great photo!
9 Ivan (Ivan Miksik)   (10/11/2004 6:31:39 AM)
Excellent photo!
10 FrankT ( pot'hbe'chug yay qa)   (10/11/2004 6:57:18 AM)
Great job Bas
11 Ray Leung   (10/11/2004 7:06:39 AM)
Very nice one. Posture of tiger is good. Good lighting and clarity. Well done (8.7).
12 Laurel Austin   (10/11/2004 8:05:12 AM)
nice coy pose you caught, intense look! Excellent comp, wonderful image
13 ckldybr (A perfect photo is just a click away)   (10/11/2004 8:09:57 AM)
Wow Bas. He looks hungry!! You've done an excellent job with this. Take care. barb.
14 Yeshey Dorji   (10/11/2004 8:12:59 AM)
Bas ... this is simply INCREDIBLE!! How did you get it so sharp. The pose, the details everything is so perfect here. In my view it cannot get any better.

Do you have a record of your settings? could you please tell... I would like to study what settings get a pic this awesome. I am awarding this pic the highest I will ever do. 9.7
15 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (10/11/2004 8:40:42 AM)
Wow!!! You have reason for excitement...Great catch.
16 docmm   (10/11/2004 8:48:30 AM)
V sharp. It's obviously watching you.
17 Paweł Spychała   (10/11/2004 8:49:41 AM)
18 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (10/11/2004 9:13:56 AM)
such a great pose, much better than just standing around. nice work.
19 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (10/11/2004 9:28:16 AM)
Wow, I can feel the tension here. This is outstanding!
20 Louison   (10/11/2004 9:42:05 AM)
You created a fine mood in this stunning capture, Bas. The subtle lighting/exposure puts in just enough tension. Very well done.
21 Kris Bass (peter pan is so real ))   (10/11/2004 9:50:01 AM)
22 Rudi Van Gestel   (10/11/2004 11:39:56 AM)
This image is just wonderful! Technically this is at its best - National Geographic Qualities (imho) for shure!!!
Just wander what the circumstances were: lens used, other technical aspects like: exposure time, handheld or tripod!
Anyway I'm just going to give you a tenner, whatever!!! Finally something else then an American fishing sea-eagle taken by an... American!
Please do no send too many pictures like this... chance is great that soon I 'll not be able - until next stream!!! - to vote anylonger for your images!!!...
Regards! Rudi
23 Karrie Austin (Good Bye)   (10/11/2004 12:06:05 PM)
I feel this urge to start running! Great shot and wonderful composition and clarity for such a chancy encounter!
24 MarioP   (10/11/2004 12:07:16 PM)
strong visual impact... great angle and moment...
25 Marc Guyt   (10/11/2004 12:24:10 PM)
Excellent portrait of a serial killer!
Awesome, very well spotted and photographed!
26 Hazel   (10/11/2004 12:38:34 PM)
Wow - can't do better than this! Excellent shot. How wonderful for you - what a thrill!
27 Biliana ((I am against CHERYL B)   (10/11/2004 1:55:01 PM)
wow. bravo. superb capture! congratulations
Kisses, Biliana
28 Bas Haasnoot   (10/11/2004 2:09:13 PM)
#14,#22 Yeshey & Rudi & all other interested blinkers: I wasn't able to submit the technical details earlier but here they are:
EOS 300D, 100-400 EF IS @210mm, 1/250s, f/5.0, Exp. AV, ISO-200, AF:AI Focus AF, WB: Auto, Flash: Off.
I used a bean-bag (thnx Marc) on the car-door (in Krugerpark you are not allowed to get out of your car, this photo explains why :-))
PS work: a crop (this is 90% of the image), levels & sharpening.

Kind regards, Bas
29 Andy Cooper ( What I SHOULD have done was.....)   (10/11/2004 2:30:11 PM)
This is simply wonderful, Bas....I can only echo the accolades of all the previous did so well not to get something wrong, just out of pure exitement.....I'll bet your heart was in your mouth as you went to check on what you had !!
Thanks for the technicals. Marvelous.
(You were lucky the leopard didn't leaphard!)
30 Les McLean (**** ))   (10/11/2004 2:31:56 PM)
I agree with all the positive comments, a real cracker of an image, I wish it were mine.
31 joe bellantoni   (10/11/2004 3:20:48 PM)
Top quality image Bas! the pose and the technicals are great.Thanks for including them for us to see.I am glad you kept it dark and not oversaturated ....congrats on a super image. I am not going to give you a mark you deserve as I know the ag will kick in and I don't want to not be able to vote the others I know you will have .
32 jr   (10/11/2004 3:55:55 PM)
what a pose!
33 Joel P Black   (10/11/2004 4:07:55 PM)
You caught an extraordinary monent great capture and well done
34 blu   (10/11/2004 4:14:30 PM)
simply outstanding!!
35 Olo   (10/11/2004 4:29:01 PM)
Really great. I'm scared ;)
36 Miguel Lasa   (10/11/2004 5:11:56 PM)
Awesome photo Bas,where was it taken ?
37 Libby   (10/11/2004 5:25:43 PM)
awesome, superb, brilliant, outstanding... its all been said and I totally agree
38 Yovanny Montoya   (10/11/2004 5:33:51 PM)
Great shot, nice action in a wild image congrats!!
39 April (Cindy Metzger)   (10/11/2004 5:48:48 PM)
This one will run for you all stream Bas, if not all year. It is an incredible capture, technically perfect imo. Congratulations.
40 cARTerART (Claire Carter)   (10/11/2004 6:58:00 PM)
Just echoing all above. Have to add that those whiskers are a wow -
41 KateWossner (keep on truckin')   (10/11/2004 8:07:13 PM)
This shot just rocks my world! :)
42 aocole (Art Cole)   (10/11/2004 10:33:09 PM)
Love how the bg echoes the leopard's coat pattern. Excellent comp and timing in catching this tension filled pose.
43 mplonsky (gone to greener pastures)   (10/11/2004 11:43:04 PM)
Just awesome and very beautiful.
44 Simona   (10/12/2004 1:36:26 AM)
Great photo!
45 George Oze   (10/13/2004 12:13:02 AM)
Great capture! I agree-safer to stay in the Jeep.
46 artlady   (10/14/2004 1:49:29 PM)
wow is this beautiful. i love everything about this shot. i am an artist & i was wondering if i could have your permission to paint this someday?

thank you
47 Greg (Greg Governale)   (10/14/2004 10:12:41 PM)
a wonderful image! Composition, sharpness and exposure are all very good! This is an image to be very proud of!!! 9.1 Greg Governale
48 Ryck (Ricardo Kuehn)   (10/16/2004 5:14:12 PM)
49 Morning Glory   (10/18/2004 7:23:44 AM)
Great shot. Leo looks a little peeved!
50 Tomek Pie   (10/25/2004 2:27:03 PM)
51 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (10/25/2004 8:50:03 PM)
Excellent shot in all aspects, Bas, in particular getting such a pose, I'm sure, quickly, and with such nice, sharp details and colors. Great foreground and background DOF. The look in his eyes and the sharp whiskers are 2 of the most outstanding features in this shot! Congratulations on all the well-deserved honors. (9.25)
52 martin ma   (10/28/2004 3:07:17 AM)
excellent, vote
53 Yuri Bonder   (10/29/2004 8:45:32 AM)
Great Shot !!!
54 Arman   (11/3/2004 4:17:41 AM)
55 Fred Vnoucek   (11/16/2004 6:18:39 AM)
Here the same, lack of light IMO. It is a great pose, and that look!!! Wonderful. And Wildlife photography is hard like that, depending on light and opportunitys. Good job if it was late in day because it is top-focused. I would rate straight 9!!!
56 MartaW   (11/16/2004 6:30:34 AM)
I am not sure about the bluish shadows
otherwise excellent
57 John San-Claire   (11/20/2004 11:22:32 AM)
Fantastic Image
58 Igor L. (Igor Laptev)   (11/30/2004 12:30:21 PM)
Amazing shot!
59 Sunny   (12/19/2004 4:05:20 PM)
60 Sergio Pessolano   (2/8/2005 7:18:33 AM)
Great composition for a great image. Perfect lighing and sharpness.
61 Nannini Van Gestel   (3/6/2005 1:44:18 PM)
62 Evan Schmidt   (3/8/2005 2:41:43 PM)
Talk about adrenaline--wow.
63 Arnold Meijer   (3/17/2005 6:28:09 PM)
still one of my favorites!

the leopard looks a bit suspicious at the car(s) and looks as if it's on the point of retreating, but that's only because I can't find anything wrong about this shot ;-)
64 yvam   (4/21/2005 10:47:30 AM)
You have guts to take this photo instead of running away!
65 Awais   (4/21/2005 4:59:52 PM)
Good model you selected. Very cooprative and photojanic.
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