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author Yuri Bonder
title Untitled
date10/31/2004 1:17:21 AM
detailsLight-blue Eyes
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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blinks: 317.85score: 9.346voted: 95

rank: 19comments: 62viewed: 24283
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1 Fiona Hoskin   (10/31/2004 1:32:23 AM)
Yuri this is wonderful! I love the blue eyes repeating the colour of the blue shawl, and the little sideways glance. The crop is perfect and the reflection of the sky and mountains(?) in her eyes gives her a dreaming quality. Your best so far IMO!
2 Joel P Black   (10/31/2004 1:53:55 AM)
Well directed lighting makes this really pop.
3 Tim Fry   (10/31/2004 1:53:10 AM)
4 Rudi Van Gestel   (10/31/2004 2:33:54 AM)
Really gorgeous Yuri!
5 Les McLean (**** ))   (10/31/2004 4:37:12 AM)
This is beautiful, especially how her eyes reflect the colour of the material. One very minor nit, is the slight OOF on the foremost part of the shawl, but doesn't distract.
Excellent work.
6 FrankT ( pot'hbe'chug yay qa)   (10/31/2004 4:52:02 AM)
Yuri, what shall I say what not jet is by Fiona or Les. the colors, the blue it;s perfect.
7 Norman Cheung   (10/31/2004 5:51:37 AM)
Blue eyes, excellent.
8 ROMULUS (Roman KRUGLINSKI)   (10/31/2004 6:07:41 AM)
9 Paweł Spychała   (10/31/2004 6:10:02 AM)
As always fantastic photo.
10 adolfo valente   (10/31/2004 6:30:08 AM)
Powerfull portrait!
11 MJFerron   (10/31/2004 7:49:49 AM)
Just plain excellent.
12 Fransisco   (10/31/2004 7:56:47 AM)
Yuri...This is SUPERB!!!
13 Bas Haasnoot   (10/31/2004 7:59:12 AM)
Wow Yuri!
14 Hazel   (10/31/2004 8:23:48 AM)
Excellent - lovely color eyes.
15 ORZECHOWSKI (. .)   (10/31/2004 8:35:50 AM)
Superb !!!
16 Laurel Austin   (10/31/2004 9:09:00 AM)
beautiful eyes that match that headress
17 israel litvak   (10/31/2004 9:15:58 AM)
as always superb picture,Yuri.
18 Arman   (10/31/2004 9:18:53 AM)
Very good sight!!!
19 George Oze   (10/31/2004 9:47:59 AM)
Good ligting and idea. The only thing I woould recommend to improve is to clone out the red blood vessels from her eye-agency requirement usaually. Well done.
20 Ilja   (10/31/2004 10:23:07 AM)
Very, very, very good, Yuriy! °J°
21 April (Cindy Metzger)   (10/31/2004 10:32:23 AM)
Striking portrait and color.
22 Steve Taylor   (10/31/2004 10:54:04 AM)
Beautiful shot.
23 Karrie Austin (Good Bye)   (10/31/2004 11:24:24 AM)
Wonderful color and lighting. Not having her looking straight at the camera makes it that much better. Very nice.
24 Hassan (Hassan A)   (10/31/2004 11:37:42 AM)
A very good one Yuri , love the colors and fine details, Regards
25 ChristopherG   (10/31/2004 12:41:36 PM)
This is incredible - for all the reasons already mentioned. I like the way the opening on her head piece also has the shape of an eye. Not sure how much was manipilated in PS (or other program), but there are two spots below her eyes where it appears perhaps the skin was not softened. If no manipulation was done, perhaps some slight blurrig in this area to soften the skin? It is not a huge thing, and to me doesn't detract from the overall image.
26 blu   (10/31/2004 1:38:20 PM)
fantastic shot Yuri - simply excellent stuff... those eyes are just stunning.
27 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (10/31/2004 1:47:38 PM)
She needs Visine.
28 Lockhart   (10/31/2004 1:58:27 PM)
An excellent work for many reasons. Conceptually well thought with splendid light. Super clarity. And her eyes are simply magical.
29 Miguel Lasa   (10/31/2004 2:05:23 PM)
Superb Yuri,your work is so creative and wonderful.
Magic and captivating eyes
30 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (10/31/2004 2:26:14 PM)
#27 mrgetz(The Image Is Everything): hey how come everyone else gets a 7 and not Yuri? :Þ
31 cARTerART (Claire Carter)   (10/31/2004 2:52:19 PM)
Just beautiful. Love it
32 Les McLean (**** ))   (10/31/2004 2:54:07 PM)
#30 CherylB(Honorary EDW): C'mon Marty, the gauntlet's been thrown down :)
33 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (10/31/2004 2:57:03 PM)
#32 Les McLean: it was more of a pony-pocket knife :)..but yeah!
34 Morris   (10/31/2004 3:07:21 PM)
Excellen Yuri!
35 Jonathan Wise   (10/31/2004 3:13:36 PM)
Constantly excellent images; )
36 Gianluca Posella   (10/31/2004 5:28:54 PM)
excellent very inspirational idea with this game of colours, her eyes are magnetic
37 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (10/31/2004 5:57:32 PM)
I don't take requests. If Yuri hasn't been graced by my seven yet,it's just a matter of time.
38 Reidar   (10/31/2004 5:58:53 PM)
Very fine image!!!
39 Les McLean (**** ))   (10/31/2004 6:10:54 PM)
#37 mrgetz(The Image Is Everything): Marty, that's a cop out, and you know it.
40 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (10/31/2004 6:34:04 PM)
I love when you guys try to get me fired up.
41 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (10/31/2004 7:21:03 PM)
#40 mrgetz(The Image Is Everything): :) but seriously, why not Yuri?
42 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (10/31/2004 8:03:14 PM)
What do you mean? There are a lot of people I haven't given a 7 to. I only hand them out when I want to post, not when I comment. Just relax.
43 Bill_D (William Donnelly)   (10/31/2004 8:03:31 PM)
I just love it when the eyes do the talking.Great Shot.
44 Martita (Marta Azevedo)   (11/1/2004 1:47:15 AM)
45 Martin Stainsby   (11/1/2004 2:35:41 AM)
A fanstatsic, stunning photo.
46 Yeshey Dorji   (11/1/2004 7:22:52 AM)
Awesome !! really great work ! It is so subdued and yet striking !! WOnderful !
47 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (11/1/2004 11:44:22 AM)
it's all been said. nice work and congrats, Yuri.
48 joe bellantoni   (11/23/2004 6:09:43 PM)
I must have been on vacation when you posted this...super shot!
49 JM FERRER   (12/4/2004 12:58:21 PM)
You are great.
50 Aisha   (12/9/2004 3:45:05 PM)
I love it .....
51 Abdusalam   (12/13/2004 12:00:00 PM)
52 Fred Vnoucek   (12/21/2004 10:31:21 AM)
Mystic work in great quality!!!!
53 Pedrito   (12/26/2004 9:32:11 AM)
the blue its a beautifull colour. lovelly
54 detlef   (1/1/2005 10:45:00 PM)
you have always been one to present mystery in its many fasades. so beautiful!
55 Elle_Nova   (1/28/2005 5:42:03 AM)
just perfect...
56 rr   (2/8/2005 5:43:29 AM)
57 Katya Lin   (2/14/2005 5:41:00 AM)
58 Sandra M. H.   (3/12/2005 12:51:46 PM)
incredible good!

59 Mario Studer   (3/20/2005 6:57:34 AM)
It's just fantastic.
60 Roberto Arcari F.   (3/23/2005 8:42:44 AM)
oh my god..
yuri you are in my fav..
wonderful roby
61 Arthur Ankh   (3/30/2005 5:39:46 PM)
Excellent work, great eyes!
62 Rene Asmussen   (4/15/2005 5:14:06 AM)
Love it!
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