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author Sergio Pessolano
title Desert Soldier
date1/16/2005 6:12:40 PM
detailsNiger - A soldier of the Tuareg rebel army in the area of Temet, near Algeria border.
20mm lens at f5,6 for defocusing (not too much) the background. Fujichrome Provia 100F.
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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1 Timecatcher   (1/16/2005 6:25:12 PM)
Great use of wide angle. The colors are really great. Too bad about the theme (WAR) but you have captured this perfectly. Great Work!!!
2 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (1/16/2005 6:37:15 PM)
Spectacular portrait!!!
Excellent colours.
Wonderful moment.
I can´t vote.
3 Donald Campbell   (1/16/2005 7:27:45 PM)
Powerful image. Your slight softening of the background gives emphasis to the soldier.
4 Billy Cheung   (1/16/2005 8:54:28 PM)
5 David   (1/17/2005 2:15:51 AM)
6 GoofyLicious   (1/17/2005 2:51:17 AM)
Going to troubled spots, Sergio? I see you like to live dangerously?! That is sexy ;))))
7 Colin Homes   (1/17/2005 3:04:40 AM)
Well chosen lense, very strong composition and vibrant contrasting colours.
8 ACVC (Aguinaldo Vera-Cruz)   (1/17/2005 4:53:37 AM)
9 rreis   (1/17/2005 6:01:54 AM)
very good
10 btezra   (1/17/2005 7:33:53 AM)
~INCREDIBLE image...nothing more to say but well captured and presented...~
11 blu   (1/17/2005 7:37:02 AM)
very strong picture - the very blue sky might be a bit too dominant for me but that's taste.
12 ckldybr (A perfect photo is just a click away)   (1/17/2005 7:51:37 AM)
This is very well captured. It leaves a strong impression. Take care. Barb.
13 Dominique   (1/17/2005 9:23:07 AM)
Very good. Il love
14 Fred Vnoucek   (1/17/2005 9:25:39 AM)
almost perfect, cannot say how it could be better. It is 9.9 somehow nick-picking, because of the shadow in the right down corner. But I wouldn't feel bad to rate this a 10. It tells a story, brilliant photography, good technique .. the opportunity .. everything. wow! thats photography!!!
15 Jouko   (1/17/2005 9:48:54 AM)
One word: EXCELLENT!
16 vsinopoulos   (1/17/2005 10:03:54 AM)
Absolutely amazing shot, great colors and composition.
17 Rudi Van Gestel   (1/17/2005 11:44:40 AM)
The main subject shows a great determined pose! Just great! Great impact! The bg is imho a little too light! Wish that blue would be darker, deeper saturated!
Anyhow: great photo Sergio!
18 zohailz   (1/17/2005 12:25:02 PM)
awesome Sergio. u got it. keep sharing -zohailz-
19 Jouni Lehtonen   (1/17/2005 1:29:42 PM)
Great colors, good composition. Different kind of portrait, not just some old man smoking pipe :)
20 Corry   (1/17/2005 1:57:19 PM)
21 JM FERRER   (1/17/2005 3:52:39 PM)
22 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (1/17/2005 5:03:28 PM)
hard place to dig a foxhole! I like all the bright colors.
23 Andy Cooper ( What I SHOULD have done was.....)   (1/17/2005 5:29:37 PM)
Forget " Photo of the day ".......think this will (probably) be photo of the week for me !!
24 Elisabeth   (1/17/2005 5:41:53 PM)
25 fagoar (Fausto Araujo)   (1/17/2005 6:59:13 PM)
Great photo!
26 btezra   (1/17/2005 7:22:09 PM)
~I came back for a second, well third actually, look and this image is National Geo if not AP material...just a fantastic PJ shot in an amazing part of the world, of a subject that gushes intensity. It absolutely embodies what the journalism category is about, nothing fancy schmancy or manipulated (thank GOD), of a moment that is indelible. Congrats on the image, well deserved~
27 FrankT ( pot'hbe'chug yay qa)   (1/18/2005 4:13:25 AM)
outstanding and impressive!
28 Igor L. (Igor Laptev)   (1/18/2005 9:36:07 AM)
29 nitzan cccc (Nitzan Cohen)   (1/18/2005 10:19:13 AM)
OUTSTANDING picture, this is my favorite photo in this stream!
Impressive colours, composition, sharpness, details and background.
I like the pose of the know it's a very old weapon ;)

Perfect shot, nothing is wrong here!
Thank you for posting Sergio, keep sharing.
Very very well done!!!
30 roverfoxy9   (1/18/2005 10:21:47 AM)
31 cARTerART (Claire Carter)   (1/18/2005 1:18:39 PM)
Just amazing
32 Reza Payami   (1/18/2005 2:28:12 PM)
excellent photo. though I hate war
33 Arman   (1/18/2005 3:22:28 PM)
This photo hit me!!!
34 Michael Eckstein   (1/18/2005 4:53:53 PM)
Outstanding image!!!
35 perplex (Izzy )   (1/18/2005 6:20:35 PM)
Like Craig, I've come back for a 3rd (or more) look at this. It's stunning. It would be a surefire bestseller on most Stock Libraries.

Probably one of my favourite photos of the last 12 months.
36 April (Cindy Metzger)   (1/18/2005 9:34:51 PM)
All too real. Outstanding capture.
37 detlef   (1/18/2005 10:29:23 PM)
I am with April! All too real...outstanding image!
38 Greg (Greg Governale)   (1/20/2005 12:13:28 AM)
A very fine image! Greg Governale
39 Martita (Marta Azevedo)   (2/3/2005 12:11:38 PM)
Hi Sergio, very powerful image. Congratulations.
40 Yuri Bonder   (2/9/2005 1:46:15 PM)
41 nuno gaspar (miguel )   (2/9/2005 5:23:01 PM)
I can feel intensity here. It seems to belong to polisario movement but i'm not sure you tell me. Technically is very well executed and works perfectly under journalism. Congrats.
42 Kazimierz Morski   (2/28/2005 2:44:02 PM)
!!! :)K.M.
43 Pedro Nogueira   (3/8/2005 5:12:16 PM)
Wonderful picture.
Wide angle, great choice.
Very good framing.
44 Nannini Van Gestel   (3/19/2005 12:37:15 PM)
1 word:SUPERB!!!!!
45 Roberto Arcari F.   (3/23/2005 8:48:12 AM)
eccezionale, poche parole servono è unaimmagine molto eloquente e ben posizionata nella top 100
46 Evan Schmidt   (3/29/2005 6:28:36 PM)
Love the wide angle perspective. Intriguing shot!
47 Pascal Paoli   (4/1/2005 5:31:54 AM)
Really great work.
48 Awais   (4/21/2005 4:56:09 PM)
Excillent work. Light and composition is good.
49 Arnabiarritz   (4/28/2005 3:27:48 PM)
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