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author joe bellantoni
title Eye Contact
date11/27/2005 3:41:37 PM
details80-400 vr nikon d100

First time I actually got good eyes on a barn owl that you could see the iris and focus on the deep sockets
F11 200 iso 400 mm Especially for John More Logicor tumescent arthroplastic figured phototype malonanilic.
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blinks: 378.9score: 9.575voted: 106

rank: 98comments: 80viewed: 40974
version: 1recommended: 0bookmarked: 2
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1 Catsnet   (11/27/2005 3:56:39 PM)
G R E A T S H O T !!!!
2 DPS (David Stevenson)   (11/27/2005 4:28:08 PM)
Wow, excellent as usual.
3 Janrique (Janet Williams)   (11/27/2005 4:31:50 PM)
Just stunning Joe!
4 Stephen Bonk   (11/27/2005 4:54:55 PM)
The face is so sharp with great detail. Terrific shot.
5 Kazimierz Morski   (11/27/2005 5:02:04 PM)
Great! :)K.M.
6 John More   (11/27/2005 5:14:23 PM)
Excellent Joe... just stare staight back at this one, nicely framed with a complementary bg.. very well done
7 steve sharpe   (11/27/2005 5:17:07 PM)
The detail you achieve Joe is superb, the eyes are captivating, Bg works well to compliment the owl.
8 Paweł Spychała   (11/27/2005 5:17:54 PM)
Beautiful bird,beautiful lighting.
9 Greg (Greg Governale)   (11/27/2005 5:24:20 PM)
A very high quality image. Wonderful details. The the bg is nice. Greg Governale
10 cARTerART (Claire Carter)   (11/27/2005 5:46:48 PM)
Best barn owl I've seen. Has to be my favourite bird.
11 Les McLean (**** ))   (11/27/2005 5:52:14 PM)
Technically perfect, but does it stir the
12 MJFerron   (11/27/2005 6:32:20 PM)
A beautiful owl portrait Joe. The techs are about perfect.
13 Hassan (Hassan A)   (11/27/2005 6:36:09 PM)
Joe , it's one of your best quality , have no comments , Regards
14 Steve Taylor   (11/27/2005 6:40:29 PM)
Great shot Joe.
15 Biaku (Karol Kubiak)   (11/27/2005 6:45:57 PM)
Beautiful photo.
16 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (11/27/2005 7:47:23 PM)
Outstanding shot.
17 George Oze   (11/27/2005 7:57:57 PM)
You nailed this one Joe!
18 jasmine (April Coleman)   (11/27/2005 8:22:20 PM)
WoW. wonderful. It stirs my soul. I love birds.
19 Fernando Dias   (11/27/2005 8:31:00 PM)
Great work!
20 Kari Post   (11/27/2005 8:43:10 PM)
A little noisy but overall very good; nice sharpness, composition, and colors.
21 KAY (........ .......)   (11/27/2005 8:47:46 PM)
This is super Joe...
22 Uma Sethuraman (M A H E S H)   (11/27/2005 10:07:35 PM)
Great capture Joe.
23 Peter Beddek   (11/27/2005 10:24:21 PM)
Exquisite! Congratulations.
24 Haim Ziv   (11/27/2005 10:59:23 PM)
Killer shot.
25 Elisabeth   (11/27/2005 11:50:46 PM)
26 Rudi Van Gestel   (11/28/2005 12:48:44 AM)
Quality shot, Joe! Fine light and technically perfect I'd say!
27 Ralfs World () ()   (11/28/2005 3:05:44 AM)
Nice shot, Joe!
28 Bas Haasnoot   (11/28/2005 4:45:07 AM)
Congrats Joe!
29 MarioP   (11/28/2005 5:28:47 AM)
superb image...
30 Szerencsi   (11/28/2005 5:34:41 AM)
Very nice, congrats!
31 khaled   (11/28/2005 6:13:16 AM)
Very nice
32 JuneMarie   (11/28/2005 7:00:15 AM)
Awesome! Congratulations!
33 herman blockx   (11/28/2005 7:32:11 AM)
a great portrait indeed! (only would clone out the extra catchlight from the flash out)
34 Corry   (11/28/2005 7:51:19 AM)
I wished I could get a similar shot one day too! Outstanding!
35 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (11/28/2005 7:58:55 AM)
love it Joe, but would clone out the extra catchlight in the left-hand eye.
36 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (11/28/2005 8:31:49 AM)
Stunning wrok, I love the exposure here. Spot on!!!!
37 Victoria ( .)   (11/28/2005 10:18:17 AM)
38 Jouko   (11/28/2005 2:12:28 PM)
39 Rick X (Rick Xavier)   (11/28/2005 2:56:07 PM)
Well, joe. What can I say? I´m in a bad mood today. You´re one of the guys here that I like.
You´re not playing a game. This photo is just 'inspirational' for me, you know? If I vote 10 the A.G. goes on. So, I´ll vote only 9.3 ok?
40 Keith Frost   (11/28/2005 3:15:05 PM)
Excellent quality, particularly like the lighting around the face. Soft and velvety feel - this is really very good indeed !
41 docmm   (11/28/2005 7:48:43 PM)
I could almost think this one was sitting on the desk in front of me. Wonderul texture and detail.
42 erlandpil   (11/29/2005 5:49:26 AM)
And I tell you again you make so wonderful picture
43 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (11/29/2005 7:35:12 AM)
EXcellent capture. Well observed.
44 Amuletum ( )   (11/29/2005 8:25:50 AM)
outstanding photo, Joe
45 Wim Lassche   (11/29/2005 2:19:50 PM)
Lightning it a little, then it will be great...;)lol. Eh... Exellent shot Joe. Congrats!
46 Cory Bucher (Never Modest )   (11/29/2005 2:39:00 PM)
47 Martin Stainsby   (11/29/2005 2:58:24 PM)
Very nice Joe. A great capture of a beautiful bird, looks as if it is posing for you!
48 FrankT ( pot'hbe'chug yay qa)   (11/29/2005 4:01:49 PM)
great shot Joe!
49 dido   (11/30/2005 5:06:52 AM)
Aux Athenaze, aux tis Athenas. Superb technicals. Too closely cropped to lend context outside a successful demonstration of masterful camera skills. But perhaps the setting was such to require removing context. Ditto cloning sugg. Great photo for this category. (9.5)
50 Miguel Lasa   (11/30/2005 12:41:54 PM)
Those eyes are amazing Joe, an wonderful intimate portrait
51 Andy Cooper ( What I SHOULD have done was.....)   (11/30/2005 1:41:01 PM)
Wonderful, Joe ...and what an amazing subject.
52 victor shapiro   (12/1/2005 1:59:46 AM)
Great both as an image and as a model. Looks like some 16-th centure English Queen!
53 victor shapiro   (12/1/2005 2:02:56 AM)
"You cannot vote for this author because as you have consistently rated his works too high or too low.
You will be able to vote for the author again in the next stream." - Once again, sorry!
Would do the same mistake anyway - I was going to vote 10!

54 Gianluca Posella   (12/2/2005 1:07:32 PM)
i was far from the community for a few of time, im very busy with my job as help editor on television news, but everytime i join your page i find amazing shots :)
55 Olo   (12/3/2005 6:54:40 AM)
great portrait
56 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (12/3/2005 8:21:29 PM)
Ditto all, Joe ... it's superb. Victor Shapiro has a great comment! I get that impression too.
57 ChristopherG   (12/6/2005 1:57:00 AM)
great detail on this Joe, I especially like the eyes, I'm not sure I've ever seen the iris on one of these shots. I also like the darker BG.
58 nuno gaspar (miguel )   (12/6/2005 5:26:45 AM)
Go0rgeous light here Joe. For me that's your best shot of this curent stream. Regards!!!
59 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (12/6/2005 2:32:43 PM)
congrats on potw, Joe!
60 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (12/6/2005 2:34:06 PM)
and 72 votes! lol
61 israel litvak   (12/7/2005 12:34:06 AM)
Fantastic details!Congrt,Joe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
62 Ehdae   (12/7/2005 2:14:15 AM)
very excellent picture
63 Janrique (Janet Williams)   (12/7/2005 2:56:12 AM)
Lost for words Joe. If anyone could do it - you could, and you have. Sensational in every way - congratulations!
64 ORZECHOWSKI (. .)   (12/12/2005 6:04:46 AM)
This is it,Joe!!!Nothing to add,just only CONGRATULATIONS!
65 Ad   (12/15/2005 3:58:43 PM)
stunning ! great capture
66 Dreaming Demon (Diego Riviera)   (12/19/2005 10:48:38 AM)
Good work !
67 Cheryl Surry   (12/21/2005 12:47:17 PM)
Just really busy at the moment.

Not fair to post if I don't have time to spend on here comenting in return

Thanks for asking though - must go play with my D200 now ;-))
68 Edite   (12/27/2005 7:55:48 PM)
Stunning photo. Perfect for me.
69 erlandpil   (1/2/2006 2:06:48 AM)
Hi friends
And happy new year to you and yours familie
70 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (1/2/2006 9:46:53 PM)
It looks so real on my screen I feel like I can rach out and touch it Joe, definitly one of your best yet, superb detail!
71 Igor L. (Igor Laptev)   (1/2/2006 11:25:36 PM)
Just perfect!
72 Kenn Reay   (1/7/2006 4:48:42 PM)
Joe, Sorry to come to this late. Missed it first time around. Just stunning detail and lovely sidelighting. That left "shoulder" coming in from the right balances the comp. Kenn
73 Sergio Pessolano   (1/11/2006 6:24:44 AM)
Superb work.
74 ac   (1/11/2006 12:51:38 PM)
No restriction on this one Joe. I like it (as everybody here).
75 oneolden   (1/11/2006 12:53:46 PM)
A fine job,Joe.
76 Marc Guyt   (1/21/2006 6:23:39 AM)
technically indeed perfect - great control over the whites!
77 keith   (2/6/2006 6:43:20 PM)
Classic -fabulous detail and tones - great to see this image getting so much recognition!
78 zorilla   (3/15/2006 6:40:56 PM)
Great expression
79 RandyW (Randy Walton)   (4/15/2006 1:57:42 AM)
Amazing image, I just love looking at the detail in this.
80 Gianluca Posella   (5/7/2006 8:19:10 PM)
Superb portrait!
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