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author Les McLean (**** ))
title A Lambretta in the Landscape
date2/9/2016 3:43:32 AM
detailsMy 50 year old scooter from a summer jaunt to West Burton Falls, Yorkshire.
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Top 10 Recommendation
DAT (Davey Towers)   (2/9/2016 4:12:13 AM)
Very nicely done Les
2 Sreten   (2/9/2016 4:24:50 AM)
3 Zenonas   (2/9/2016 8:07:30 AM)
4 Hania (Anna Franek)   (2/9/2016 1:54:35 PM)
LOL! I have just ruined my new voting system ("not to vote in the day of post").
Like the concept and execution very much! This clash of civilization with nature makes it for me.
By the way - your scooter looks like a new one :)
Top 10 Recommendation
Ray Griffiths ( )   (2/9/2016 2:21:05 PM)
The nostalgia is palpable
6 Les McLean (**** ))   (2/9/2016 3:31:55 PM)
#4 Hania(Anna Franek): Much of the scooter is new, although it is the original frame, but everything on it is the same as when it was built, so a genuine restoration. The 'scooter' scene is very popular in the UK and parts of Europe. All I'm doing is re-living my youth when I was a 'Mod', and had a similar scooter when I was 18.
Tootling around the Yorkshire Dales at a very modest pace is so much fun it should be made illegal :)
7 Hania (Anna Franek)   (2/9/2016 6:57:23 PM)
#6 Les McLean(**** )): Now I understand Ray's comment much better :)
8 Ray Griffiths ( )   (2/10/2016 4:09:21 AM)
#6 Les McLean(**** )):
#7 Hania(Anna Franek):
I had one of these, too. Mine caught fire and burned out. It convinced me that being a 'mod' was not for me so I purchased a 500cc BSA and became a 'rocker'. Happy days.
9 Les McLean (**** ))   (2/10/2016 4:43:04 AM)
#8 Ray Griffiths( ): Shouldn't we be meeting up on Brighton Beach for a punch up then ;)
Top 10 Recommendation
Koduck   (2/13/2016 12:27:43 AM)
great comp.
excellent dof and color.
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