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author Darwin
title Dunescape
date4/16/2002 12:52:14 PM
detailsAnother dunescape from Namibia. A little different than my usual style. Thought I would share it and see what you think.

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blinks: 292.93score: 9.255voted: 90

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1 gmx (Gustav Miller)   (4/16/2002 12:56:13 PM)
Marvelous!!! Outstanding!!! GREAT!!!
A WINNER. My score: 10.00
2 Kurt Salzmann   (4/16/2002 1:02:51 PM)
Just Great.
3 Emgomes (Elsa Gomes)   (4/16/2002 1:08:59 PM)
incredible shot, outstanding composition!
4 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (4/16/2002 1:26:28 PM)
Marvelous composition and lighting Darwin, a very dreamy feel, great depth! (9.2)
5 Haim Ziv   (4/16/2002 2:27:47 PM)
Dear Mr. or Mrs. anon 6 I have to tell you some thing in public: Darwin is not my friend and I'm not going to defend him and I don't like every post of his, but I know for sure he is one of the best photographer I ever "met" and I saw almost all his work through the internet. I can tell you some thing for sure about yourself: you are little, cowered, envy and frustrated person when you are giving to this image anon 6 without writing any comment. To take image like this you have to be with a great talent, skill, very good eye and experience. Shame on you!!!
6 Dwight (Have I died and gone to heaven?)   (4/16/2002 2:38:25 PM)
Breathtaking! And I could not agree with Haim more ...
7 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (4/16/2002 2:48:36 PM)
It's beautiful! I wish you had waited one more day to post it :).
8 aocole (Art Cole)   (4/16/2002 2:58:44 PM)
The lighting gives the dunes just the right amount of definition. The trees and vegetation add scale and nice color variation. I want to crop down from top just a smidgen to remove the faint indentation in upper left top of a distant dune, but I am a cropping fool. Shot makes me aware the small amount of space I take up in this vast world.
9 Lela   (4/16/2002 3:05:06 PM)
Excellent photo, score: 11
10 Regina Lopes   (4/16/2002 3:05:29 PM)
Darwin, I find immodest to give a 6 anonym in a picture as yours. We have to struggle to end with those anonyms that only want to drop our average. I went victim of those 6 but my 5 pictures with higher average and after they have been posted to thirty days ago. It is necessary to end with those frustrated and wicked.
Your picture is excellent. My note is 10. Congratulations!
11 Darwin   (4/16/2002 3:12:56 PM)
Re: ANON 6's. They bothered me when I first joined PB. They are just part of the 'politics' here. I just shrug now and laugh. Funny thing is I don't care one bit if I get them on my photos but when I see them on someone elsess flawless image I get really incessed (might explain Haim's reaction here). All I can say is pass off the low votes for what they are, and don't let the pettiness get to you. I am getting a thicker skin (damn I am starting to look reptilian!). AND MAYBE the person who posted a six really thinks it deserves a 6 and that is valid (as far as I am concerened), I think we just would like to know what those reasons are ;-). Maybe thaey are pretty valid and strong reasons. Let me know
12 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (4/16/2002 3:16:04 PM)
This is pretty cool. Just wish I could see the base of the second tree.
13 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (4/16/2002 3:23:31 PM)
Darwin, its photographic work is wonderful. Thanks for giving the pleasure to us to admire it.
10 10 10 10...

I don't understand because has people that they give vote "6" for a fantastic work as its. I don't understand!!!!!!!
14 ACook (Ann Cook)   (4/16/2002 3:40:06 PM)
You get my 10
15 RandyW (Randy Walton)   (4/16/2002 3:49:01 PM)
Very glad to see another of your photos here. Your work is very inspirational to fairly new photographers like myself.
Amazing composition and mood to this shot. This is incredibly wonderful.
16 Joanna Pecha   (4/16/2002 3:50:57 PM)
Well, this is the first "10" I've given, and well deserved. A fantastic image!
17 JMS   (4/16/2002 4:14:35 PM)
18 Lyndy   (4/16/2002 4:34:25 PM)
Absolutly beautiful!
19 JM FERRER   (4/16/2002 5:04:02 PM)
This is fantastic, congratulations
20 MJFerron   (4/16/2002 5:33:02 PM)
Darwin this is a 10.
21 Kaycee   (4/16/2002 5:43:52 PM)
Each time I see one of these images I marvel at nature and our ability to comprenhend it and low-voters. Who woulda thought that sand could have so many colors and moods?? This is beautiful, just as the others
22 robinschooley (Robin Schooley)   (4/16/2002 5:59:52 PM)
Oh Darwin, that is so true. Getting 6's don't bother most of us "old timers" when they are on our own images. But when we see them on someone else's high quality image we really want to know what they were thinking. If this is a 6 I'd love to see what that voter's idea of a 7, 8, 9 or 10 is. Love the shadings in the dunes... like 3d models. What filter(s) did you use here? Green of trees on left look a little blue/cyan and I can't decide if I like it or not. Exceptional image quality, as usual.
23 Atle   (4/16/2002 6:17:20 PM)
Excellent Photo!!
24 myeyes (Rose Robertson)   (4/16/2002 6:56:00 PM)
Fabulous work! My first 10 as well.
25 Phil H   (4/16/2002 8:01:44 PM)
Somehow you can make a desert look inviting.
26 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (4/16/2002 8:05:47 PM)
Downright breath taking, Darwin. The rich salmon color is fabulous...that's the color I want my bedroom ;-)
All kidding aside, this is a fantastic image, a joy to view. Thank you for sharing this.
Post Script..have not been at Blink too long and I'm noticing more and more undeserved 6 votes. Probably not unusual since this is such a large community with lots of different personalities going on. Maybe all votes need to be public, no anon votes allowed? Just a thought.
27 Garry Budyk   (4/16/2002 8:32:20 PM)
Yessiree...WOW.! This is one great image ! Love the contrasting green against the "rich salmon" dunescape .
28 Janet Jonas   (4/16/2002 8:49:20 PM)
Really quite a lovely image. Funny how something so barren and unhospital can be so beautiful. The soft flowing lines lead me through the image like a like a gentle breeze, but alas it does not touch the emotional side of my sight. Does that make sense? Still beautiful and technically wonderful. Regards, Janet
29 photoservicemgr (Dan Hutchinson)   (4/16/2002 8:56:51 PM)
Its already all been said! Awesome!
30 jasmine (April Coleman)   (4/16/2002 10:12:08 PM)
it's terrific, and, as always, your work is inspirational
31 Bridey   (4/16/2002 10:36:29 PM)
This stuns me, it's so good. Wow.
32 ck   (4/16/2002 11:05:57 PM)
Great composition! (9.5)
33 Bill L (Bill Lockyear)   (4/16/2002 11:08:34 PM)
Yes, this is very different then your norm. Perhaps I prefer the norm but variety is the spice. I like the tones and the depths of this pic.
34 Miro   (4/17/2002 12:20:01 AM)
Unreal! Perfect 10!
35 JaapHart   (4/17/2002 1:41:27 AM)
This is my first comment on Photoblink. Unfortunately I cannot vote yet, otherwise it would be a 10. Thanks for this shot!
36 doc (Gennadiy Livshitz)   (4/17/2002 2:30:40 AM)
rose desert...
i feel "the mood" of this place...
great work!
37 Kazimierz Morski   (4/17/2002 4:11:07 AM)
38 Lucrezia   (4/17/2002 6:56:09 AM)
39 RobertF   (4/17/2002 7:21:37 AM)
Beautiful mood, Darwin! 'nuff said already...
40 Marek Garbacz   (4/17/2002 8:42:06 AM)
a dessert made made from milk, sugar and peaches ;)
41 Jodie Coston   (4/17/2002 10:31:57 AM)
Absolutely incredible. A perfect 10. This one is different than many of yours, but every bit as good as the rest. When I see photos like this I'm tempted to toss my camera out the window - just awesome!
42 Amuletum ( )   (4/17/2002 11:33:07 AM)
I love Jodie's comment about tossing her camera out the window. It's so true - sometimes I feel like I'm such a novice when I view stuff like this and others. My thought about this is ... the colors don't look true. BUT, if they are true, WOW! And if they aren't, would it be as interesting to view. And do I really care if they are or not? I dunno. Enjoying lapping it up anyway. (PS - I think the 6 voters are here to stay)
43 Amuletum ( )   (4/17/2002 11:33:41 AM)
Oh yeah - welcome back from your hiatus! Does that mean there's more to come?
44 Larry Korhnak   (4/17/2002 12:39:35 PM)
It's very good but lacks the "soul" I've experienced in some of Wolfgang Drung's work. (I know you have desert images with soul, but not this one imho)
45 Johng   (4/17/2002 12:57:03 PM)
The trees in the picture definately make the image what it is. It would still be an excellent image otherwise but the trees not only add a nice contrast in color, which is visually stimulating, but it shows the unique and surreal qualities of this place in the world. Certainly, most people would not associate perky green trees swimming in an ocean of parched dead earth. The image is seductively dreamy. Congratulations.
46 ken roberts   (4/17/2002 12:58:26 PM)
love it..very hypnotizing
47 Jackle (Cory Poole)   (4/17/2002 1:05:10 PM)
Really nice photo-art, Darwin.
48 Sergey SHP   (4/17/2002 1:15:43 PM)
The best!
49 Jeanne Miller   (4/17/2002 1:24:27 PM)
It's all been said in 48 comments so far! What appeals to me most is the color. Both the sand and the trees are bright and fresh. Unusual and very appealing. Congratulations.
50 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (4/17/2002 2:46:00 PM)
Darwin ... Wow! It's all been said, and is very reminiscent of Wolfgang Drung's great photos of dunes in Algeria. (9.33)
51 Greg (Greg Governale)   (4/17/2002 3:28:30 PM)
Darwin,I like this image a lot but I do not feel that it rises to the same level as some of your previous images. something about the color doesn't seem quite right, also I find the patch of green on the right side of the image distracting. I struggle to find the main point of interest, that being said it is still a beautiful image which I truly admire. Greg Governale
52 Lehd (Kirsten Lehd)   (4/17/2002 3:50:36 PM)
Just WAW.....
53 Lehd (Kirsten Lehd)   (4/17/2002 3:51:34 PM)
And a score 10 !!!
54 Shirley D. Cross   (4/17/2002 3:58:38 PM)
I'm beginning to believe it is impossible for you to take a bad photo!(10)
55 Joan Kunter   (4/17/2002 4:59:31 PM)
Excellent image Darwin!
56 Luigi   (4/17/2002 5:04:01 PM)
Fantastic image.
57 Miro   (4/17/2002 5:34:36 PM)
I don't get people who vote 6 for this image, just because they are jealous and not able to produce image like this. It's a shame... Hopefully, Sergei will remove that vote.

Once again, excellent work !!!!!!
58 SharonS   (4/17/2002 8:10:24 PM)
I saw this yesterday but didn't have time to comment. Add my name to the list of admirers. Words cannot describe how beautiful this is.
59 Peder   (4/17/2002 8:42:24 PM)
Amazing Darwin, this is the closest thing to perfect I have seen in a long time, congratulations. (10.0)
60 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (4/19/2002 8:34:48 AM)
The gorgeous color "awakens" my eyes and the trees add just the perfect complement to keep this from being monochromatic. Re 6's, I've got so many more of them since my one and only (and 2-day) Photo of the Day back in Sept., then I expect them as a matter of course and am surprised when I don't get them - LOL! (9.5)
61 Neia (Alcineia Frank)   (4/25/2002 2:17:58 PM)
Love this tones here and photographic perfection is there like always!Keep going...
62 erlandpil   (4/29/2002 11:14:49 AM)
Wonderful pictures,wonderful color
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