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author konrad (Jacek Jêdrzejczak)
title Poseidon`s Muse
date5/8/2002 8:48:03 AM
detailsE - 20 , Cokin filtr , without PS
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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blinks: 321.6score: 8.897voted: 111

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1 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (5/8/2002 8:54:11 AM)
Fabulous!!! Very creative photo Konrad!
2 Amuletum ( )   (5/8/2002 9:13:17 AM)
This is fantastic! Really love the underwater feel and the great colors. Excellent composition as well. Great photo!
3 Kjellh66 (Kjell Holsbøvåg)   (5/8/2002 9:25:03 AM)
Great! Is it really under water, og just some impressive trick?
4 Roger Ranney (Don't block the shot)   (5/8/2002 9:27:13 AM)
Good job on this. I like it that the face is a little clearer. Very believable.
5 detlef   (5/8/2002 9:46:47 AM)
interesting fell to this....very provocative!
6 bobgaras   (5/8/2002 10:07:57 AM)
absolutely beautifull
7 Paul Coco   (5/8/2002 10:27:34 AM)
Extraordinary image. As Roger said, having her face a little clearer makes it work even better. Wonderful work.
8 Gosia   (5/8/2002 11:44:12 AM)
ile razy moge ci pisac MNIAM ? :o) amazing & beautifull photo.
9 Martin W. Quinn   (5/8/2002 12:42:51 PM)
Looks like she is at the bottom of a pool
10 Maria A. Herkenhoff   (5/8/2002 12:56:41 PM)
An excellent shot! I like it very much!!
11 John (John Weeks)   (5/8/2002 1:19:34 PM)
Wonderful shot: 9.2
12 Henri   (5/8/2002 1:38:17 PM)
I find it fantastic!!!
13 Kazimierz Morski   (5/8/2002 2:06:29 PM)
Konrad !!! :) K.M.
14 ConnieC   (5/8/2002 3:22:31 PM)
15 Jackle (Cory Poole)   (5/8/2002 3:40:01 PM)
Extremely beautiful. (And the photo is good too.);)
16 Georg Suturin   (5/8/2002 3:57:11 PM)
Nice, nice and nice.
17 Julia Komissaroff   (5/8/2002 4:20:34 PM)
18 MJFerron   (5/8/2002 4:34:51 PM)
Great capture and a beautiful model.
19 higdonc   (5/8/2002 4:40:35 PM)
This is great. I love the tones and colors. The model works too...
20 Lockhart   (5/8/2002 6:00:52 PM)
Please accept my compliments on an outstanding work. It is obvious that you are very talented and this work just grabs my atttention because of the effect you created with just film and filter. It doesn't hurt that the model is a "10" either! The composition, the title, and the overall work are truly exceptional. Bill
21 Garry Budyk   (5/8/2002 6:52:05 PM)
Very creative ! You've done a wonderful job of capturing an underwater illusion with the hair and curve of her body . 90'CW ?
22 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (5/8/2002 7:08:20 PM)
Excellent work. Personal difference on the color of the water, don't like that shade of green, but that's me.
Wonderful, different image.
23 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (5/8/2002 8:38:58 PM)
Pure magic. Tell me, is this shot in the water? This is fabulous!
24 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (5/8/2002 9:07:36 PM)
Konrad ... What an extremely creative nude photo ... absolutely top notch.
25 jasmine (April Coleman)   (5/8/2002 9:51:54 PM)
Well, I don't generally comment on nudes, nor do I open them up, I guess it's because I am sorta shy on these subjects. I saw all of the comments and just had to look. This is lovely, I like the cast of color, the softness and composition. Yeah, this one is great. Very different:-) Quite evocative and well done.
26 myeyes (Rose Robertson)   (5/8/2002 9:57:14 PM)
Unique. Very well done.
27 Lagernet (Lyle Gellner)   (5/8/2002 10:53:24 PM)
Very creative and and unique,,soft focus narrow depth,,well presented,,..
28 digital diva (Teresa Stump)   (5/8/2002 10:55:12 PM)
This is totally a WOW! Just so beautiful~ Teresa
29 photoservicemgr (Dan Hutchinson)   (5/8/2002 11:04:41 PM)
Very Creative!
30 LindaY (Linda Y)   (5/8/2002 11:08:17 PM)
Ordinarily, I don't comment on photos in th Nu category because I really don't feel that I know enough about the criteria in this category to judge these works. But this one is so beautifully and artistically done that I just had to comment. The effects and soft pastel green light work so well with your theme. Beautiful work.
31 Bill L (Bill Lockyear)   (5/9/2002 12:52:30 AM)
I agree with #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 ... #29, #30. Nice picture.
32 Ossy (Ossy Werner)   (5/9/2002 2:24:36 AM)
Lovely composition. The lines seem to just flow into the picture. The streng soft focus except for the face is well balanced and drows attention to the face, which is well lit from above right. A very successful shot.
33 Ivan (Ivan Miksik)   (5/9/2002 2:44:45 AM)
Conrats - excellent photo!
34 gmx (Gustav Miller)   (5/9/2002 4:55:06 AM)
35 MuMinded   (5/9/2002 5:35:10 AM)
Above and beyone just great...this is wonderful. Erotic poetry.

36 MelanieK.   (5/9/2002 7:20:09 AM)
What a wonderfully refreshing approach to a nude, Konrad! Very artisitic piece. Deserves POTD.
37 Bridey   (5/9/2002 10:40:44 AM)
38 Kaycee   (5/9/2002 11:07:14 AM)
I like this a lot. The dreamy, underwater feel is enhansed by the green hue. The curve of the image brings to mind a mermaid.
39 Jodie Coston   (5/9/2002 12:08:53 PM)
I just can't quit coming back to look at this. Possibly the most beautiful nude I've ever seen.
40 Pedro Gilberto   (5/9/2002 1:12:13 PM)
Good Work!
41 doc (Gennadiy Livshitz)   (5/9/2002 2:57:51 PM)
wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow !!!!!!!!!!!!
42 Chuck   (5/9/2002 4:04:51 PM)
Very dream like. Excellent work.
43 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (5/9/2002 4:37:00 PM)
well being #43 I'll just say I am happy to see this as potd! it's so soft and delicate and romantic.
44 Keith Tate   (5/9/2002 5:39:19 PM)
This is a work of art !!! Very Nice !!
45 andy salek   (5/9/2002 6:42:55 PM)
i saw it yesterday, didn't i??? fantastic work Konrad!!!
46 RachelB   (5/9/2002 7:23:07 PM)
Like you need another accolade. I have to say this is the most beautiful nude photograph I've ever seen.
47 ck   (5/9/2002 8:59:00 PM)
48 Mike Blanchard   (5/9/2002 9:29:12 PM)
What a uniquely beautiful photo! It's mysterious and alluring nature works like a magnet, holding the viewer's attention and drawing them back again and again. Simply outstanding. (Just my luck. :o) )
49 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (5/9/2002 11:50:13 PM)
Wonderful image!
Very well executed!!
50 RobertF   (5/10/2002 2:14:10 AM)
Beautiful! Reminds me of a mermaid!
51 Regina Lafay   (5/10/2002 3:12:18 AM)
Really interesting and beautiful, but for some reason I keep wondering what a different tone would look like. The green isn't working for me. However, that is just my opinion and you have done a lovely job!
52 Joan Kunter   (5/10/2002 8:43:50 PM)
Very creative image. Beautiful.
53 Sergey SHP   (5/11/2002 2:11:33 AM)
54 mbighin (Mauro Bighin)   (5/11/2002 8:35:52 AM)
Wonderful image with a particular mood. I only do not like the frame and I'd like a sharper focus on her faboulous face.
Sure this is excellence.
55 Malwina   (5/11/2002 10:22:05 AM)
56 why you shadow   (5/11/2002 6:25:32 PM)
me too gratuluje :-)
57 jarzabek   (5/13/2002 9:05:05 AM)
piekne, Konradzie, gratuluje i pozdrawiam
chyba wiecej powinienes robic fotek z tymi filtrami...
58 bbackman (Bryan Backman)   (5/14/2002 4:30:26 AM)
Perhaps the best image I've ever seen in this category, fantastic job Konrad, very creative indeed! 9.0
59 Darwin   (5/15/2002 6:05:51 PM)
Perfection in all regards (well maybe not the frame) but the photo is wonderful. Not on thing to change! 9.5
60 Michi (Michael Leps)   (5/24/2002 4:14:44 PM)
outstanding, very impressive
61 sbourson (bourson stéphane)   (5/29/2002 7:33:13 AM)
for me border is so important than picture and hear it disturb the read of the picture
62 czarna lista numer 1   (6/6/2002 1:20:54 PM)
oddalem 100 glos :) dlugo czekalem na to :) 100 lat :)
63 Pedro José Libório   (6/7/2002 6:49:47 PM)
just fantastic !!!!

I love it!
64 Meinhardt, L.   (6/10/2002 9:24:47 PM)
Thats one of the reasons they have to tied me up when I'm sailing... I see things in the ocean that make me jump in the water... Wonderful shot!!! A Perfect exposure and photo work!! Congrats!!
65 erlandpil   (6/20/2002 3:44:39 PM)
Is a greeat pictures
66 Madzia   (6/23/2002 2:56:09 AM)
Bravo ! it,s beautiful !
67 Fespo (Francisco Padilha)   (6/23/2002 11:51:07 PM)
68 Fespo (Francisco Padilha)   (6/23/2002 11:52:49 PM)
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