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author Greg (Greg Governale)
subjectWild life
title Forest Highlights - Wolf
date5/31/2002 12:26:42 AM
detailsNikon F3 600mm f4 Fujichrome 100 1/250 f4 tripod. A 600 mm lens has a very shallow DOF, I used the lens wide-open, to separate the wolf from the background. The colors in the background are out of focus leaves at the peak of fall color. No filters were used. A shaft of sunlight coming through the trees provided the highlights in the eyes of the wolf. Greg Governale
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1 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (5/31/2002 1:07:27 AM)
Great shot, Greg!
2 Ivan (Ivan Miksik)   (5/31/2002 4:24:45 AM)
It's a really nice photo with interesting background! Eyes are glamorous!
3 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (5/31/2002 4:33:56 AM)
Quite good, Greg. The background being out of focus gives this quite an artistic look I think. The wolf stands out against all the lovely colors surrounding him/her. Another good one from you. (9)
4 OlgaSerg (Olga Sergyeyeva)   (5/31/2002 8:29:00 AM)
Very nice portrait on an unusual background! Great shot!
5 Mike Blanchard   (5/31/2002 8:49:51 AM)
This is really good Greg. Not exactly what one expects when viewing a photo of a wolf. What a color riot in the background and yet the wolf's attention is firmly fixed upon you, clearly discernable because of the nice facial spotlight highlighting his gaze. Really locks the viewers attention on the wolf in spite of the colorful, though busy background. Very cool.
6 Al Martinez   (5/31/2002 9:50:07 AM)
awesome background color and great sharpness of the wolf, excellent!
7 Regina Lopes   (5/31/2002 10:00:09 AM)
Excellent light, Greg.
8 randall (more love - less hate)   (5/31/2002 10:04:36 AM)
Skillful, stunning image! I have a friend who loves wolf pics, and I know she would love this one very much. The wonder fall foliage color and that ray of sunlight really makes this one stand out.
9 Claudia F.   (5/31/2002 10:15:22 AM)
Excellent! (9)
10 Kimberly   (5/31/2002 10:58:00 AM)
Ooo....Ahh...Greg! This is stunning! I am speechless, SO BEAUTIFUL! K~
11 Anne2002 (Anne English)   (5/31/2002 11:54:07 AM)
so oftentimes the image itself doesn't live up to the thumbnail~ this DOES and more!!!! i love color, and those are beautiful, and just happen to be MY favorites in the background ~lol~ great composition and sharpness in the wolf! anne
12 Sergey SHP   (5/31/2002 1:23:02 PM)
13 Kaycee   (5/31/2002 1:51:56 PM)
Yeiks! Really dramitic and he looks like he might jump right out of the riot of color behind him!
14 Greg (Greg Governale)   (5/31/2002 1:55:28 PM)
Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to comment. I work hard to capture the images that I do. Sharing my experiences and my images with people is rewarding. I have learned a lot from the people on photoblink, and I enjoy viewing other people's images. Thanks again! Greg Governale
15 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (5/31/2002 2:27:37 PM)
Just outstanding!
16 Japper (Jasper Doest)   (5/31/2002 3:08:57 PM)
Greg, outstanding shot, the light is just excellent and the background (with those amazing fall-colours) is superb. Only nit :-) I would like to see some more space at the bottom of the frame... and maybe the highlight at the left is a bit distracting too...but now I'm whining ;-) 9.25
17 Mark Cassino   (5/31/2002 4:07:28 PM)
Awesome shot, Greg - the glow in the wolf's eyes even ties into some of the background colors, and that shaft of light on the face is great. Outstanding! -9.5-
18 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (5/31/2002 4:15:16 PM)
Dang! fabulous! amazing that you can get the shot and have the light hit it's eyes and capture it all before it sees you and runs do you do it?
19 sukey   (5/31/2002 4:24:08 PM)
Wow. Good grief. Yikes -- this is fantastic, Greg. Hmmmm....looks like it might need to be on my wall!
20 gmx (Gustav Miller)   (5/31/2002 4:42:42 PM)
A breath taking wild life picture of highest quality. (10.0 )
21 Henri   (5/31/2002 4:47:44 PM)
Dont have words - 10.0
22 celestun (Tim Perceval)   (5/31/2002 7:06:03 PM)
Great use of color apart from the obvious unique thrill of seeing a wolf in such phenomenal detail, I particularly like the way the eye catches the backdrop. This is what sets this one apart from any other wildlife shot. Excellent!
23 MJFerron   (5/31/2002 7:24:58 PM)
You've outdone yourself Greg. Fantastic.
24 jasmine (April Coleman)   (5/31/2002 8:10:42 PM)
How can I get a print of this....??? 10.
25 digital diva (Teresa Stump)   (5/31/2002 9:07:17 PM)
There is nothing I can add. Incredible!!! Teresa
26 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (5/31/2002 10:25:02 PM)
Totally enchanting!
27 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (5/31/2002 10:47:23 PM)
Greg ... The light escalates this to Top Notch no doubts. The wolf has an expression that seems to indicate he is aware of you and not to keen about this meeting. The girth of its forelegs caught my attention, and give an impression of a very healthy powerful animal. (9.5)
28 J.JACINTO   (6/1/2002 9:59:03 AM)
Excellent !!!
29 mplonsky (gone to greener pastures)   (6/2/2002 12:00:57 AM)
That's a winner for sure. Congrats and thank you!
30 Chuck   (6/2/2002 12:26:54 AM)
They don't get much better than this. Great work.
31 Jeanne Miller   (6/2/2002 12:28:24 AM)
What a beautiful photo, Greg.
32 Haim Ziv   (6/2/2002 1:02:28 PM)
One of your best.
33 Inge E. (I.L. Eason)   (6/3/2002 10:05:51 PM)
The detail of the wolf and the colors in the background are outstanding!
34 Alex Oudalov   (6/4/2002 4:45:08 AM)
Excellent photo! Great details and background.
35 owlz (Donna Eaton)   (6/4/2002 5:03:02 PM)
I just have to tell you that this is just beautiful! I love the light on his eyes. It is captivating!
36 Shirley D. Cross   (6/4/2002 9:18:46 PM)
Incredibly beautiful, Greg! Congratulations!
37 Edite   (6/5/2002 6:57:55 AM)
Magnificent! The colors, the sharpness and the expression on the wolf's eyes, everything is perfect.
38 Darwin   (6/5/2002 1:12:43 PM)
doesn't get much better than this! Great colours and light and animal. Gee what else is there!?!?!
39 Marcio Cabral   (6/6/2002 9:35:08 PM)
Excelent shot
40 rexnet   (6/6/2002 10:15:11 PM)
whew! this is an amazing wildlife photo!
41 Alan Hauge   (6/9/2002 2:52:45 AM)
I will say; excellent.
42 Vad Ivanov   (6/11/2002 10:37:44 AM)
Perfect shot!
43 Greg (Greg Governale)   (6/19/2002 2:49:43 AM)
thanks again to everyone who has commented, I've been traveling for the last eight days and have not had time or access to the Internet as much as I would like. I appreciate the kind words, it's nice to know that what I do is appreciated. With sincere thanks! Greg Governale
44 erlandpil   (6/20/2002 3:48:31 PM)
Jaaa wonderful
45 Kmunshower   (6/24/2002 10:21:13 AM)
Great Pictur
46 IngeJo   (6/28/2002 3:52:13 PM)
Excellent photo!
47 maryhill_cat   (6/30/2002 5:54:08 PM)
48 Lehd (Kirsten Lehd)   (7/5/2002 12:31:06 AM)
I dont understand I never vote on this one...
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