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author Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)
title Savonlinna Castle
date8/17/2002 4:43:41 AM
detailsFinland. d1x, 17-35
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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blinks: 289.65score: 8.812voted: 103

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1 Luka   (8/17/2002 4:46:26 AM)
Beautiful composition with great light!
2 Ula   (8/17/2002 4:48:08 AM)
Excellent foto!Beautiful light,Very good composition.Moody and mystery!I love it.
3 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (8/17/2002 4:49:13 AM)
Beautiful picture. Good toning and framing!
4 David   (8/17/2002 5:02:45 AM)
Very good.
5 Pascal Meerpoel   (8/17/2002 5:20:20 AM)
That's a beautifull light on the castle, very nice colours too ! nicely cropped !
6 Kazimierz Morski   (8/17/2002 5:27:01 AM)
Ditto all above!Not only postcard shot! I like it! :)K.M.
7 Olivier Deme   (8/17/2002 5:38:14 AM)
Sergei, what makes this picture so remarkable is the quality of the light on the castle. Despite the grey clouds all over in the sky, you captured probably a brief moment of early (or late) sunshine on the construction. Without this, the picture would not have been so striking. I'm going to Scotland for two weeks the first two weeks of October and this is exactly the kind of light I wish to grasp. Very well done. Composition: 7 (this is my only criticism, I would have prefered a lower viewpoint to add drama. It looks a bit like the shot was taken from a certain height, boat?). Technique: 10. Originality: 8. Impact: 9. Overall: 8.5.
8 czarna lista numer 1   (8/17/2002 6:21:06 AM)
very gutas :))))) 9 :))))))
9 Jorge Coimbra   (8/17/2002 6:35:42 AM)
Very nice. perhaps we could see a bit more water.
10 robinschooley (Robin Schooley)   (8/17/2002 6:52:43 AM)
Truly beautiful light. Welcome home.
11 USM (Adrian Mateusz)   (8/17/2002 7:14:59 AM)
Perfect composition and light.
12 Berendey   (8/17/2002 7:19:02 AM)
Great shot, congrats! Wonderful colors and lighting! I like it!
13 mbighin (Mauro Bighin)   (8/17/2002 8:17:54 AM)
Yes, beautiful light.
14 LindaY (Linda Y)   (8/17/2002 8:48:12 AM)
As everyone else has mentioned, I love the lighting in this photo Sergei. The light on the castle is particularly nice. I also like the beautiful cloud formations and soft reflections in the water. It looks like a beautiful place. Welcome back!
15 Marcio Cabral   (8/17/2002 9:18:39 AM)
Excellent pic
16 Zygmunt   (8/17/2002 10:16:20 AM)
I like this multi colored clouds. Great pic. Congrats
17 ckldybr (A perfect photo is just a click away)   (8/17/2002 11:16:22 AM)
Sergei the light on the castle is beautiful. It is a beautiful image. What a wonderful place to get to visit. Were you able to tour inside the castle? It's boggles the imagination to think of how old this is. Glad to have you home. Take care. Barb.
18 Lagernet (Lyle Gellner)   (8/17/2002 12:00:55 PM)
A fabulous scene, nicely presented,. An incredible old fighting fortress well captured here in fair lighting and fantastic clouds,,.
19 Bridey   (8/17/2002 12:12:21 PM)
As it has been said, fantastic light and clouds. I'd like to trim a bit from the right and left.
suggested crop >>
20 Chantal   (8/17/2002 12:46:06 PM)
Very lovely light and scene.
21 Misster   (8/17/2002 1:26:57 PM)
What a beautifully captured scene from my native Finland!
22 M Laughlin   (8/17/2002 2:11:48 PM)
Super capture.
23 Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)     (8/17/2002 5:29:58 PM)
Thanks everyone for your nice words, critique, and suggestions. I appreciate your input a lot. Barb, unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to get inside.
Here is a link to some more info:
24 Eleni   (8/17/2002 6:11:04 PM)
It is a wonderfull image. Beautifull scenery, colors, composition, framing. In general a marvelous picture.
25 Regina Lopes   (8/17/2002 8:59:33 PM)
Beautiful scenery with a beautiful end light in the afternoon.
26 Itsme (John Hoang)   (8/17/2002 9:00:52 PM)
Beautiful scene with exceptional light and clouds.
27 MJFerron   (8/17/2002 9:36:47 PM)
Beautiful light you found here Sergei. Good job.
28 KAY (........ .......)   (8/17/2002 10:54:04 PM)
Beautiful Image, wonderful light on the castle. Beautiful clouds and reflections also. Congratulations! kay
29 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (8/17/2002 11:34:34 PM)
Excellent lighting Sergei, a fascinating place, love the dramatic sky!
30 jasmine (April Coleman)   (8/17/2002 11:58:03 PM)
lovely, it's all been said....glad you had a nice time away, you were missed :-)
31 Vladimir Buryakov   (8/18/2002 1:09:48 AM)
Majestic landscape... Clouds are similar to a smoke from a pipe of a steamship... It Is a find..., 10
32 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (8/18/2002 8:13:28 AM)
Excellent composition with great lighting! Wonderful place! Congrats, Sergey!
33 detlef   (8/18/2002 2:43:28 PM)
the clouds and sun were with you when you shot this...powerfull!
34 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (8/18/2002 10:56:24 PM)
It's all been said. A simply lovely, well done photo.
35 E.Skurinski   (8/19/2002 2:08:37 AM)
36 Amuletum ( )   (8/19/2002 8:20:43 AM)
Okay, I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little late, but this is really lovely. As noted by almost everyone else, it's the golden glow that makes this shot and a very dramatic sky. Interesting you got any light with all those clouds so you must have been very patient. We have an old fort in St. Augustine, Florida that this photo reminds me of and I have taken countless pictures of. Quite lovely, Sergei - and welcome home.
37 Morca   (8/19/2002 9:41:22 AM)
Good composition.
Great definition and lightning.
38 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (8/19/2002 11:27:54 PM)
Welcome back, Sergei - so nice to have you back!! Maria would love this, Sergei, as do I. Hopefully she will be home soon and out of the hospital so she can see it. I like your composition, the great sky, the warm light and in particular, the reflections. (9)
39 mortipher   (8/20/2002 6:19:44 AM)
very monumental castle... and great composition congratulations time and place...
40 Rui Monteiro Santos   (8/20/2002 2:35:12 PM)
An excellent image of this Castle with a very good frame ..
41 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (8/25/2002 9:31:33 AM)
Fantastic light and compsotion!
42 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (8/26/2002 8:13:42 PM)
Maria said "It's Sergei's. You can't give him less than a 9! Very pretty! Looks like something out of Camelot."
43 Bill Taylor   (8/26/2002 8:32:25 PM)
You can give him a 6 Terry, he won't know the difference :-)) , or would he.. Very nice, Sergei , good for at least a 9
44 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (8/26/2002 8:37:17 PM)
Bill Taylor, you rat fink!! (Maria was thinking the same thing!) I hardly ever give anyone a 6!!
45 Jurij Brykajlo   (8/28/2002 7:15:40 AM)
Beautiful !!!
46 Kasia Szleszkowska   (8/31/2002 5:21:42 PM)
beautiful and so majestic!
47 BIGA (bighin vincenzo)   (9/8/2002 5:00:46 AM)
Magical scene
48 Edite   (10/4/2002 7:44:11 AM)
Excellent shot with great light.
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