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author gdanger (George Dangerfield)
title Frog's Mirror
date11/30/2002 1:33:50 PM
detailsCanon EOS D60, Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, 1/90 sec., F/6.7, ISO 100.
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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blinks: 425.62score: 9.489voted: 122

rank: 2comments: 102viewed: 29878
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1 marko   (11/30/2002 1:42:09 PM)
2 Stephanie Asher   (11/30/2002 1:54:40 PM)
This photo is perfect in every way! Amazing colors and clarity; exceptionally outstanding job with the background!
3 Claudia F.   (11/30/2002 1:56:33 PM)
Wow!! Excellent!
4 Darwin   (11/30/2002 2:02:35 PM)
This is Bitchin!! Amazing detail and quality, stunning swirl of tones across the background but without being distracting. Sharpness and colour spot on. How does this get any better?? If this does not rise to the top of the heap, I will eat Bill's undies.
5 LindaY (Linda Y)   (11/30/2002 2:32:11 PM)
Your froggy is back! :) I really like this version of him. The reflections and colorful sheen of the frogs skin are marvelous. I particularly like that this one has the warm autumn tones in the background. They are a wonderful contrast to the bright green frog with his gold and black eyes. Excellent!
6 Ula   (11/30/2002 3:30:50 PM)
WOW!This is the king of frog.I love it.
7 JoAnn Maggart   (11/30/2002 4:00:51 PM)
Amazing! I'm trying hard to find words to describe this shot but can't. My family won't believe I'm speechless! <g>
8 blade67   (11/30/2002 4:09:10 PM)
George, this photo is simply stunning. You really are the King of frogs's shots! - Stephan
9 Agata (Agata Weksej)   (11/30/2002 4:11:05 PM)
It`s amazing and wonderful!!!
10 ChrisC (Christopher Cove)   (11/30/2002 4:12:05 PM)
George, Amazing is not good enough here. The richness of this blows me away.
11 Nana Sousa Dias   (11/30/2002 4:14:04 PM)
"United Colors of Minifrogs"! Incredibly well done!
12 USM (Adrian Mateusz)   (11/30/2002 4:35:52 PM)
Perfect !
13 zolo2   (11/30/2002 4:58:03 PM)
Excellent photo :) Znakomita fotka :)
14 zolo2   (11/30/2002 4:59:06 PM)
Excellent photo :) Znakomita fotka :)
15 Art Hill   (11/30/2002 5:09:51 PM)
Outstanding image. The crowd certainly likes it. Nobody does frogs better.
16 Kim Adams (Let's go Cardinals! )   (11/30/2002 5:10:58 PM)
outstanding. ~Kim:)
17 mbighin (Mauro Bighin)   (11/30/2002 5:18:17 PM)
Ditto Art. Nobody makes frogs better. He drugs them to keep them quite and still! Somebody says that he uses plastic frogs as I use wooden flowers...
But he makes it so magnificiently that I'm starting not feeling sick when I see his frogs shots...
You know I'm joking, George (about all except the drugs...).
18 mistral (Jacek M.)   (11/30/2002 5:31:37 PM)
Perfect macro.
19 MGD   (11/30/2002 5:32:08 PM)
RIBBITING!! Awesome congratulations George!
20 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (11/30/2002 5:53:59 PM)
In this kind of pictures you are "The Master"... Good DOF and fabulous colors and reflections!
21 Kazimierz Morski   (11/30/2002 6:12:19 PM)
!!! :)K.M. (9,9)
22 Yuri Bonder   (11/30/2002 7:32:43 PM)
23 MJFerron   (11/30/2002 7:34:08 PM)
About close to perfect as one can get George. Fantastic.
24 Richard Nowak   (11/30/2002 7:55:28 PM)
One knockout photo George! Brilliant!
25 Kafrifelle (Yves P.)   (11/30/2002 8:02:08 PM)
There is little I can express beside PERFECT.
26 Julien ANDRZEJCZAK   (11/30/2002 9:15:10 PM)
Yes, this one desserve this so high rating ! Fabulous !
Congratulations George !
Julien (9.75)
27 Joyce O   (11/30/2002 9:22:40 PM)
excellent image...great reflection and saturation.
28 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (11/30/2002 10:01:28 PM)
I love the background colors in this, George - beautiful. Your best frog shots have been when you've got them as reflections and I must say I think this is the most outstanding of all your reflective frog shots - so clear, colorful and unbelievably detailed! (9.75)
29 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (11/30/2002 10:28:39 PM)
Heh!heh! I see Cheryl's college rings turned out really well too George. Along with all that was mentioned, the surface tension of the water looks great too!
30 charles moore   (11/30/2002 11:20:03 PM)
whew, thought i had seen everything, but this is mind boggling...... congrats
31 Ken S (Ken Scheben)   (11/30/2002 11:39:06 PM)
Wow, I'm in awe of this photo. It just doesn't get any better for frog macros. Congratulations! (9.75)
32 Chantal   (11/30/2002 11:41:53 PM)
Amazing George - a 10 for sure.
33 KAY (........ .......)   (12/1/2002 12:12:00 AM)
All has been said George, another beauty..kay
34 Craig   (12/1/2002 12:45:24 AM)
Yet another fantastic frog portrait! How do you do this? AMAZING!
35 Sonja   (12/1/2002 1:04:04 AM)
This is a cute little Froggy. Very nice macro shot!
36 Alexander V (Alexander Voroshilov)   (12/1/2002 1:16:06 AM)
Beautiful close-up! I like the colors and textures!
37 E.J. (E.J. Peiker)   (12/1/2002 1:17:14 AM)
My favorite of your many frog images!
38 davetheplantman   (12/1/2002 4:09:53 AM)
perfection. congrats george (I emailed this to my father who runs a nursery in the sanjuan islands call frogheaven farms),
39 Dmitry Kuznetsov   (12/1/2002 5:31:59 AM)
Wow, wow! Such excellent details, such exact colours! One more proof that digitally taken images are superior for on-screen presentation.
40 Henri   (12/1/2002 6:00:24 AM)
41 gmx (Gustav Miller)   (12/1/2002 6:31:35 AM)
Outstanding work!!!
42 Barb Frank   (12/1/2002 8:24:16 AM)
Hello George, It was so nice to find this absolutely great photo posted this morning..this one is totally perfect in every way the clarity and colors outstanding..wonderful reflection..I'm still trying and its my goal to take a photograph of this quality..
43 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (12/1/2002 8:34:35 AM)
Wow! There ya go with those Natl. Geo-type images again! This is something else, my friend. Tack sharp and so well done. Congratulation, George!
44 Atle   (12/1/2002 9:09:41 AM)
Absolutly great!!!
45 Garry Budyk   (12/1/2002 10:23:47 AM)
Great job on this Frog Man ! Love the green and gold , and the reflection is awesome !
46 Lagernet (Lyle Gellner)   (12/1/2002 10:49:02 AM)
Congratulations on a finely executed composition and presentation George!!
47 aocole (Art Cole)   (12/1/2002 11:16:58 AM)
48 RobertF   (12/1/2002 11:40:58 AM)
Top notch!!!!!!!!!!!
49 Louison   (12/1/2002 12:24:37 PM)
Couldn't be better. Congratulations! (10)
50 Les McLean (**** ))   (12/1/2002 1:02:14 PM)
Come back from a weekend visiting my parents...switch on my see this pug ugly creature staring at me!!!

Faultless (10)
51 Eleni   (12/1/2002 3:18:37 PM)
Perfect. Well done. Wonderfull...
52 Lockhart   (12/1/2002 4:03:50 PM)
Well George you must be pretty high right now. Deservedly so. This is outstanding. Bill
53 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (12/1/2002 4:33:30 PM)
Wow, I can't believe the response to this posting of my little froggy friend! My pond is now nestled under a layer of ice and he is surely in hibernation for the winter. I would like to thank one of our newest members Barb Frank for inspiring me to post another frog image, she said in an emil Friday that she'd like to see one of my frog images posted soon. I responded that I probably wouldn't have anything to post until next year, but that I'd dig into my frog archives. I found this one. It will likely be a long time before my next frog posting though. Thanks everyone!
54 Stephen Bonk   (12/1/2002 6:21:25 PM)
George, I am glad you dug through your archives for this. You have shown how good you are with any subject, but I like the frogs the best. And I think this is my favorite frog shot of all your frogs. I can't think of any frog shot that could be better than this so I guess it gets a 10. (10)
55 Martin W. Quinn   (12/1/2002 7:49:58 PM)
An amazing photo, I can't believe how high of a score it has received, congrates George, 9.5 is by far the highest score on an image with that many votes I have seen. I have seen other shots that I thought should have this high of a score but where marred with 6's to bring them back down to earth. Again congrates on another fine frog image.
56 KenNelson   (12/1/2002 7:50:16 PM)
Amazing shot. (10)
57 Michael Mill   (12/1/2002 7:51:27 PM)
Just wanted to add my WOW! to the long list of well deserved wows.
58 Coecoe (John Coe)   (12/1/2002 8:06:35 PM)
59 ck   (12/1/2002 8:24:16 PM)
60 Deb   (12/1/2002 9:58:46 PM)
This is amazing. The Mother of all Frogs! Everything is so just right!
61 photoservicemgr (Dan Hutchinson)   (12/1/2002 11:14:52 PM)
This has to be your all time best froggy. The clarity is incredible. A real # 1 shot.
62 Carrie Griffis   (12/2/2002 12:39:01 AM)
A great macro shot George. Very good detail, composition, colors and reflections. Good work!
63 Bart Aldrich   (12/2/2002 2:29:29 AM)
Unparalled nature shot!
64 Vladimir Buryakov   (12/2/2002 2:44:26 AM)
superb macro!
65 Linda Colwell   (12/2/2002 8:42:18 AM)
This is too good for words! Very vibrant. Very lovely.
66 Adam B   (12/2/2002 1:24:02 PM)
Wow, truly aw inspiring! 10 !
67 MGD   (12/2/2002 2:08:09 PM)
Congratulations Mr GDanger!! I see this lil guy has taken up many spots on the main page! :) * Meri*
68 Christina Bowker   (12/3/2002 12:36:12 AM)
Oustanding composition and detail. The colors are amazing!
69 Leehman   (12/4/2002 8:02:25 AM)
One fine froggy. Where is the princess?
Tack Sharp!
70 Ninni   (12/6/2002 6:45:27 PM)
71 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (12/6/2002 7:41:25 PM)
GREAT!!!! PERFECT!!!! Congrats, George! (10)
72 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (12/8/2002 12:27:58 AM)
I would have centered it.
73 rachelbilodeau (Rachel Bilodeau)   (12/9/2002 11:23:14 PM)
wow George, what can I say. Nice to see you changed your bio pic and got a closer shot - same as this frog's close shot - great mirror - amazing colors in the water and incredible detail on the froggie. Rach
74 GlobeTrotter   (12/11/2002 6:51:06 AM)
Stunning shot. This is a WINNER George. Crisp sharp details and the reflections/colors are simply incredible. Vote wasn't allowed to me when I first saw your photos, but now I reviewed and voted some of them. Must say I love your pics...:)
75 Luis Gens   (12/11/2002 9:20:28 AM)
Just excellent. Great photo.
76 DANTIST (Alexander Kustov)   (12/13/2002 2:09:19 AM)
77 tasefski   (12/14/2002 6:30:30 AM)
78 Dogleader   (12/14/2002 11:29:28 AM)
Perfect. DL
79 Kurt Yang   (12/16/2002 10:24:27 AM)
agree with many others. super one.
80 Keld   (12/16/2002 4:48:54 PM)
Just perfect - congratulations
81 Tom Sperduto   (12/17/2002 7:13:56 AM)
Wonderfully sharp, colorful and full of life.
82 Karin   (12/18/2002 2:16:24 AM)
Clear emotional...
83 Laurel Austin   (12/21/2002 8:30:22 AM)
beautiful reflection, color and clarity! love the blurred background for clear and sharp focus! ;o)
84 Bohman   (12/22/2002 9:00:18 PM)
so sharp.
85 dido   (12/24/2002 4:19:33 PM)
Ditto all off the above. This is National Geogrpahic Stuff. To add more would be nothing but prolix (10)
86 John Smeets   (12/30/2002 6:42:07 AM)
best ive ever seen, terrific shot and compo
87 bea_z   (12/31/2002 2:01:47 AM)
really great and outstanding! (voted 10)
88 chessea   (1/6/2003 6:27:54 PM)
Mister Froggy rulz! Perfect greens to a princely reflection, once again you have given us the best.
89 Neia (Alcineia Frank)   (1/6/2003 10:50:01 PM)
Remember ???when I first saw this one in photosig and I said: this should be in a first page,I mean it.Here you go... deserve it,this is those rare images that you don't have a doubt about it,it is a winner.
90 Greg Downing   (1/20/2003 8:52:14 PM)
THIS is awesome!
91 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (1/21/2003 3:30:01 AM)
I see this on the main page all the time and thought it was about time to comment on it before this one goes as well I think this is an absolutely perfect shot in every way the details are superb the colour is superb it is magnificent something for a beginner to try and aim for if I could vote it would have to be 10 in my eyes anything less doesnt do it justice
92 LUCIANO (LUCIANO GIOMBINI)   (1/22/2003 2:29:27 PM)
E' così perfetta che sembra irreale. Bravo.
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