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author azizchangezi
title The Hazara Girl
date2/3/2014 4:55:30 AM
detailsHazara culture refers to the culture of the Hazara people, who live primarily in and around the city of Quetta, that is located in southwest of Baluchistan province of Pakistan. The culture of the Hazara people is rich in heritage, with many unique customs and traditions, and shares influences with Persian, Mongol and various Central Asian cultures. The Hazara people make upto 900,000 of the population of Pakistan.
The origins of the Hazara are disputed, though there are three primary theories. The Hazara could be of Turko-Mongol ancestry, descendants of an occupying army left in Afghanistan by Genghis Khan. A second theory goes back two millennia to the Kushan Dynasty, when Bamiyan in Afghanistan home to the large statues blown up by the Taliban was a centre of Buddhist civilisation. Subscribers to this idea point to the similar facial structure of the Hazaras with those of Buddhist murals and statues in the region.
Aziz Changezi
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1 Reda Danaf   (2/3/2014 6:21:18 AM)
Beautiful b/w portrait
2 incult (Marius Caragea)   (2/3/2014 10:16:25 AM)
Nice portrait. Good culture lesson.
3 Wessel-130766   (2/3/2014 4:28:53 PM)
Nice portrait
4 Elisabeth   (2/3/2014 4:33:59 PM)
In this case I would like a lighter pb-mat. The black pb-mat makes the portrait to narrow for my taste. Nevertheless a beautiful portrait!
5 Reidar   (2/3/2014 5:33:27 PM)
Agere with Elisabeth.
6 Vadim Shirokov   (2/4/2014 12:13:48 PM)
Nice smile:)
7 azizchangezi   (2/5/2014 8:55:12 AM)
Thanks To all
8 Safa   (2/5/2014 2:01:22 PM)
Nice People ... Thanks for information , Aziz!
9 Jeanne Miller   (2/5/2014 4:24:07 PM)
Just perfect. Pure and simple.
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