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author Mario Dias
title Lisbon Delights
date2/16/2014 12:21:54 PM
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1 Ray Griffiths ( )   (2/16/2014 12:31:21 PM)
I like this a lot. The marriage of two very different images to make a new concept. A great B&W.
2 Wessel-130766   (2/16/2014 3:38:20 PM)
I have a few issues with this one:
1: cut of fingers
2: Would clone out these 3 spots
3: What happend here?
4: Post bigger than it will be better to judge and it will have more impact

The compos is really cool
3 B2O   (2/17/2014 12:24:14 PM)
Great comp taking notice of the points Wessel mentioned.
Gr. Bas
4 Mario Dias   (2/17/2014 2:14:55 PM)
#2 Wessel-130766: Hi Wessel and thanks a lot
Regarding your suggestions:
1. Not following your idea as how to cut the fingers. Anyway I like them as they are in the composition.
2. That was the 1st step when started working the image, but gave up as like the effect together with the light spots of the trolley.
3. You are right, there is really something strange. It looks to me like a reflex on the glass surface and I have to confess I didn't noticed. Amending in the original, thanks a lot and already booked a visit to the optician.
4. I hate to convert my pictures in compressed jpeg. As this site only allowing 150 Kb I had to reduce on the size.
In my next posts will compress the pics for this site only and check if it works.

Thanks a lot for your interest.
5 Wessel-130766   (2/17/2014 2:31:59 PM)
#4 Mario Dias:
Mario: I use Easy Thumbnails (Free ware)
You can set the size, jpeg quality. Works fine for me. Maybe give it a try
6 Mario Dias   (2/17/2014 2:37:05 PM)
#5 Wessel-130766: Thank a lot for the tip and will give it a try.
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