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author Krys
subjectPhoto Art
title Los Cuernos
date6/17/2004 4:24:50 AM
detailsLOL, mountain landscapes are my favourite photographic subject, but they are mighty mean to me for much of the time as this picture shows :o( Typical Patagonian weather descends upon the famous peaks of Los Cuernos (the Horns) in the Torres del Paine National Park in Chile. I travelled over 8000 miles for this! Masochist, or what???

Enhanced in PhotoImpact XL, so I suppose this is more Photo Art than Travel :o) I think I'd be better off sticking to deserts...

Canon EOS 300D
Canon EFS 18-55mm
Hand held
Horrible weather
Grumpy photographer
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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blinks: 237.95score: 8.735voted: 87

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1 Miguel Lasa   (6/17/2004 4:57:28 AM)
Beautiful photo, love the mayestic mountains and the myst, great composition too.Worth the travel miles !
2 Huub Linthorst   (6/17/2004 4:58:41 AM)
That's the masochism I like Krys! What a stunning photo and those colors...!
I just need to add one more to be able to vote. Regards, Huub
3 Duncan Fauvel   (6/17/2004 6:08:00 AM)
Amazing scene! Its nice in black/white :-))
4 btezra   (6/17/2004 6:41:14 AM)
~wow, what a view Krys, you are still making me jealous of your travels, Patagonia still on my must go to list...~
5 herman blockx   (6/17/2004 6:46:41 AM)
yep! very impressive view; works aso very well in B W,as duncan mentioned;
6 Joao Pedro Silva   (6/17/2004 7:11:56 AM)
And I bet it was bloody cold, too! I really would like to know the temperature as the manual says the operating temperature range is between 0º and 40ºC (32º and 102ºF).

Do they also drink pisco down in Patagonia? It sure can help raising the temperature.

#5 Herman: it works in B&W but I really preffer to have it in colour. Otherwise you miss the contrast between the almost unsaturated peaks and the yellow, green and red in the flowers and grass on the foreground.

Any geologist around to explain this formation? It looks like it was a massive volcanic explosion.
7 MJFerron   (6/17/2004 7:19:17 AM)
A beautiful view of an interesting mountain. The colorful foreground is a plus. Wish I was there.
8 Fernando Dias   (6/17/2004 7:43:36 AM)
This is beautiful, Krys!
score 8,8
9 Yeshey Dorji   (6/17/2004 7:57:00 AM)
Very beautiful picture ... I particularly like the contrasting colors here .... I would like to do something like this when I learn PS better.
10 Kazimierz Morski   (6/17/2004 8:16:19 AM)
!!! :)K.M.
11 Lockhart   (6/17/2004 8:23:13 AM)
Patagonia! And I thought I was adverturous! Magnificient photograph Krys. The half gray half blue mountain is totally unreal. WOW, I would loved to have been there, even if you were grumpy. BTW, the contrasts here among all the elements, particularly the foreground and the mountain is just incredible.
12 Krys   (6/17/2004 8:46:06 AM)
Thank you all for your generous comments so far. To anwser some questions:

1. It wasn't THAT cold - this was spring :o)))

2. Pisco Sour does help when it is cold, also when it is hot, or indifferent - it's just a wonderful drink (hic!)
3. The mountains (if you could see them) have layers of different coloured rocks which looks like they have been painted. This is the result of erosion.

4. I thought this photo was not good enough to publish on the web, but I was feeling reckless this morning! This view, even in bad weather is special to me, and I wanted to share it, so I got to work with PhotoImpact XL. I shall have to feel reckless more often, I think :o)
13 MarioP   (6/17/2004 9:04:47 AM)
great adventure ;))
But it worth it! You got a very good photo, with lots of interest, in fg and bg, but especially the "helmet" (clouds) of the horns :)
14 Edith   (6/17/2004 9:14:10 AM)
Excellent photo, Kris, congrats:)
15 Bas Haasnoot   (6/17/2004 9:46:11 AM)
Dear Krys, This is a wonderful image again!
1) Personally I like the B/W even better
2) Thanks a lot. you're killing my budget since Chile won a few places on my short list.
3) Shame on you for your grumpy mood on this wonderful location. (-:

Bas (9)
16 Fiona Hoskin   (6/17/2004 10:38:06 AM)
The Fg does it for me Krys! Love the lighting and the colours of the flowers! Congrats! (9)
17 Biliana ((I am against CHERYL B)   (6/17/2004 10:54:54 AM)
wow. dear dear .. a natural beauty. Bravo
Kisses, Biliana
18 Krys   (6/17/2004 10:59:46 AM)
The orange flowers are the Guanaco Bush, so called because when the chulengos (baby guanacos) are born, the guanacos are said to eat these flowers - heck, guanacos are furry bins! They'd eat anything! :o)

PS. Bas, I wasn't ALL that grumpy - just disappointed not to get a picture postcard shot :o)

PPS. I like the B&W version too, but I think the colourful foreground is too nice to miss :o)
19 Les E   (6/17/2004 11:30:28 AM)
Dramatic and cleverly enhanced.
20 Hui Gao   (6/17/2004 12:13:10 PM)
A beautiful view of an interesting mountain
21 Sterling (Paul Revere)   (6/17/2004 12:59:46 PM)
outstanding photograph and processing.
22 Hassan (Hassan A)   (6/17/2004 12:59:59 PM)
A good landscape Krys , like the variation of colors here ( green and blue) , love to visit that place one day ,, only the gary on the sky need more thinking , well done (8.7) , Regards
23 Ernst   (6/17/2004 1:07:04 PM)
wonderful landscape and fantastic colors.
24 ckldybr (A perfect photo is just a click away)   (6/17/2004 1:18:29 PM)
Krys, this is a wonderful photo. One I'd be very proud to have taken. What a great experience. Take care. Barb.
25 Eva Backlund   (6/17/2004 2:17:34 PM)
Wonderful photo, Krys! Beautiful colours and light. Excellent work:)
26 Kaycee   (6/17/2004 3:18:38 PM)
Stunning...... anyone can take a picture postcard..... an artist can record the emotion.. you did well
27 April (Cindy Metzger)   (6/17/2004 3:49:31 PM)
And you told me you traveled once a year. Beautiful comp with rich contrasting colors, no b/w fan here for a shot like this. Great job with the coloful elements in the fg and the majestic mountains. Isn't being occasionally grumpy a pre-requisite for photography? Love your touch of humor in the details, as always. Excellent work.
28 Mateusz   (6/17/2004 4:11:49 PM)
very good foto
29 Ruud (they just ain't worth it)   (6/17/2004 4:50:27 PM)
Well i think you were lucky to have weather like this and not "postcard weather" Kriss, otherwise it would have been just another postcard ;-)
30 Corry   (6/17/2004 5:02:00 PM)
31 Jonathan Wise   (6/17/2004 5:26:54 PM)
Its great Krys,not wanting to spoil the party but I find the grey grad effect a bit strong,thats all,still a strong work imo.
32 Rodger   (6/17/2004 5:54:35 PM)
SUPER Krys ( if I could )Cheers
33 Dogleader   (6/17/2004 6:12:43 PM)
Beautiful Krys. Dog
34 joe bellantoni   (6/17/2004 6:45:52 PM)
Fantastic image I like the contrast of the colors on the mountain blue and grey wow nice!Ad that fg leading up to it is great.
35 Fransisco   (6/17/2004 6:49:31 PM)
Very very well done!
36 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (6/17/2004 8:11:14 PM)
I agree the foreground is too nice in colour, b/w just doesn't have the same impact.
37 George Oze   (6/17/2004 8:36:43 PM)
Excellent composition and 3D effect with the foggy BG and colorful FG.

Not bad for handholding! (*.&)
38 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (6/17/2004 9:19:08 PM)
Krys ... Horrible weather, Grumpy photographer = great photo! I really like this! The foreground colors contrasted against the muted colors of the mountain top and sky looks really beautiful.
39 Szymarek   (6/17/2004 10:17:57 PM)
40 Dwight (Have I died and gone to heaven?)   (6/17/2004 11:39:41 PM)
Looks like a perfect picnic spot! :-)
41 dneilson (Dolores Neilson)   (6/17/2004 11:58:15 PM)
Krys...You work mighty well when you're grumpy! Nice work indeed. A joy to view!
42 Fiona Hoskin   (6/18/2004 12:07:03 AM)
Congrats on POTD Krys!! You deserve it as you have worked so hard and put in so much effort! I am really pleased for you! WELL DONE old girl!!!
43 Rita Richter   (6/18/2004 3:05:50 AM)
Lovely wild landscape, congrats Krys
44 Baku (Marcin Nawrocki)   (6/18/2004 4:21:13 AM)
amazing superb shot!!!!!
45 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (6/18/2004 6:25:02 AM)
Krys your persistence paid off. Congrats on a stunning image!
46 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (6/18/2004 11:15:02 AM)
An amazing sight Krys, your trip was certainly not in vain in terms of the photographic gems you brought back, great depth to this with the wildflowers and golden grasses in the forground!
47 oneolden   (6/18/2004 12:43:01 PM)
A rewarding photograhic experience.This capture is the icing on the cake.Very nice work Krys.
48 KAY (........ .......)   (6/18/2004 1:56:32 PM)
A real beauty..kay
49 Mucha   (6/18/2004 2:04:18 PM)
wonderful landscape
50 jr   (6/18/2004 4:05:24 PM)
The effect on the sky is a bit unnatural, but the impact is quite good
51 Elisabeth   (6/18/2004 5:16:02 PM)
Very beautiful!
52 Debi Joranco-Arellano   (6/19/2004 1:10:13 AM)
THis is just terrific Krys! The fog on top the Mt. gives this a different feel than alot of other landscape pictures. I like it very much!
53 Roger Ranney (Don't block the shot)   (6/19/2004 1:38:19 AM)
Congrats on a great shot!
54 KateWossner (keep on truckin')   (6/19/2004 8:33:23 PM)
Excellent, Krys...sorry I missed this one...definately one of the better landscape shots posted recently. :)
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