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author joe bellantoni
title I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing
date12/20/2004 12:07:04 AM
detailsNikon d100 80-400 Vr handheld

This little squirrel was munching on some crackers all of the while it followed us through the park. Finally it stopped in a tree and was so fat it just had to rest I think. You can tell by the belly it was content.
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1 Peter Beddek   (12/20/2004 12:17:34 AM)
This little guy is just so cool. Are you sure he hadn't been drinking as well?
2 Morris   (12/20/2004 1:02:35 AM)
Beautiful image. I like the tones as well
wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year
3 Arnabiarritz   (12/20/2004 1:25:26 AM)
Wow, the squirrel it´s so happy. A sunday pose.
4 Ivan (Ivan Miksik)   (12/20/2004 2:00:14 AM)
Very nice pose!
5 Miguel Lasa   (12/20/2004 2:20:32 AM)
very cute Joe
6 vsinopoulos   (12/20/2004 2:51:22 AM)
Fantastic photo and subject, Bravo!!!
7 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (12/20/2004 3:27:26 AM)
Fabulous moment. Very well spotted.
8 Thomas Bauer (Just Beggining)   (12/20/2004 3:48:46 AM)
I hope that little branch...
...~(Doesn't snap)~...
9 Norman Cheung   (12/20/2004 5:01:30 AM)
It is a very cute lovely pic, wonderful shot. :)
10 docmm   (12/20/2004 5:51:14 AM)
I'd hate to doctor one of your pictures, but this little fella looks like he should have a glass of port in one hand and a cigar in the other. Excellent pose and detail. M
11 Reidar   (12/20/2004 6:16:12 AM)
He must have started the Christmas a little to early!!?? Really good picture!!
12 herman blockx   (12/20/2004 7:02:02 AM)
yes ! this looks more like a beer gut!
great shot!
13 Claudia Robinson (looie's mom :-o)   (12/20/2004 7:45:24 AM)
LOL!! what a great way to wake up this morning with!! thanks for the big smile!
14 btezra   (12/20/2004 8:09:56 AM)
15 Amuletum ( )   (12/20/2004 8:18:52 AM)
absolutely adorable!
16 Ray Leung   (12/20/2004 8:24:28 AM)
Definitely a perfect photo, good sharpness and clarity, so cute (8.9).
17 Laurel Austin   (12/20/2004 8:33:44 AM)
He looks very content! He's just in time for Christmas with that Santa belly!! Nice focus and he gave you a great pose!
18 JM FERRER   (12/20/2004 9:00:17 AM)
19 KateWossner (keep on truckin')   (12/20/2004 9:08:59 AM)
Super catch, Joe...gosh I know this feeling all to well! ;)
20 Kris Bass (peter pan is so real ))   (12/20/2004 9:35:04 AM)
Excellent all the way around Joe. He one happy little guy. Tell the truth now were you bribing him with crackers to slow him down?
21 KAY (........ .......)   (12/20/2004 10:43:37 AM)
LOL! Great Monday morning smile! Priceless...kay
22 MartaW   (12/20/2004 11:34:17 AM)
superb :-D
23 Les McLean (**** ))   (12/20/2004 11:47:00 AM)
Great, it made me smile, perhaps a smidgen more space at the top?
24 Louison   (12/20/2004 12:02:48 PM)
So they do also eat, they don't just stock up, huh? Excellent humor and of course, great shot!

Season's greetings!
25 Ralf Broda   (12/20/2004 12:21:05 PM)
oh, what a great pose.
i can't stop smiling.
26 ulol   (12/20/2004 1:10:30 PM)
super duper dude! this kind of fun photography! i guess you have to laced the crackers with peptovismal LOL..great shot as always from you!
27 MarioP   (12/20/2004 1:37:06 PM)
great catch! Super...
28 oneolden   (12/20/2004 1:38:01 PM)
A fantasic in yer face capture.
29 Greg (Greg Governale)   (12/20/2004 1:41:13 PM)
a very cute image which brings a smile to my face. Nice exposure, nice sharpness. Greg Governale
30 Keith Tate   (12/20/2004 1:50:32 PM)
Nice one Joe.
31 Fred Vnoucek   (12/20/2004 2:18:34 PM)
very nice work!
32 FrankT ( pot'hbe'chug yay qa)   (12/20/2004 3:33:30 PM)
splendid Joe, perfect picture
33 Pascal Paoli   (12/20/2004 5:00:46 PM)
So little animal and so much happines :-)
34 Yovanny Montoya   (12/20/2004 6:13:43 PM)
Excellent capture nice and sharp, great image congrats!!
35 Nath (Nathan Slinn)   (12/20/2004 6:38:42 PM)
If only more animal shots on PB had this much character!
36 MartaW   (12/20/2004 6:45:23 PM)
I am back to have a look at the little glutton; it is so funny :-D
37 April (Cindy Metzger)   (12/20/2004 7:22:45 PM)
What a pose, lol. They can be such pigs :)
38 LindaY (Linda Y)   (12/20/2004 9:16:01 PM)
LOL, Joe! I think we all feel that way from time to time during the holiday season. Great capture and good eye to have seen this.
39 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (12/20/2004 10:27:17 PM)
He sure does look content, Joe! Looks like he wants to be your buddy for more crackers too! Nice and sharp and the blue sky looks really good. You make most excellent use of that VR lens too!
40 Carrie Cox   (12/20/2004 10:41:36 PM)
He just looks completely worn he just couldn't take another step! Too funny! I love photos that communicate a mood or situation clearly,and you actually can empathize with the picture...and this photo does just that!
41 Sajith   (12/21/2004 3:27:05 AM)
Beautiful Image.
42 Marc Guyt   (12/21/2004 4:21:22 AM)
great catch. Love the expression!
43 Andy Cooper ( What I SHOULD have done was.....)   (12/21/2004 5:06:15 AM)
We'll all be like this in a few days ! A really
marvelous capture....knock-out pose and super sharp as always....a real winnner.
44 Gianluca Posella   (12/21/2004 6:10:23 PM)
wow, the perfect moment for an extra-cute scene
45 Rodger   (12/22/2004 10:01:09 AM)
Tech 9
Funny Factor 9.2
Cheers and Merry Xmas Joe and famil;y
46 israel litvak   (12/22/2004 11:58:39 AM)
SUperb, Joe.Merry Christmas!
47 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (12/24/2004 4:26:18 PM)
That's one relaxed looking squirrel Joe, great detail!
48 Igor L. (Igor Laptev)   (12/28/2004 6:25:23 PM)
WOW! What a shot!
49 Wayne Morgan (( ;-)   (12/28/2004 9:26:03 PM)
This one is very worthy of all the praise and honors that you have received on this, Joe. Nice shot!
50 Rudi Van Gestel   (12/31/2004 6:12:39 AM)
Nannini speaking!
This is very funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great shot!
51 cARTerART (Claire Carter)   (1/1/2005 6:41:08 PM)
Joe - can't believe I missed this. One that is much less appealling recently won a major nature award. This has HUGE commercial potential for advertising purposes. Just stunning
52 detlef   (1/1/2005 10:41:43 PM)
my wife and I had to laugh out loud...too bloody cute!
53 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (1/2/2005 10:36:32 AM)
Excellent shot, Joe. I especially like the mood as well as the extreme details in its tail.
54 Libby   (1/2/2005 3:00:53 PM)
i love the warm tones and of course the expression of the squirrel
55 Unsharp   (2/4/2005 6:10:09 AM)
Unusual shot of sqirrel. :))
56 Biaku (Karol Kubiak)   (2/6/2005 6:31:39 PM)
Lazy squirrel :) nice catch. Congratulations
57 Hassan (Hassan A)   (3/17/2005 3:36:51 AM)
Really wonderful , best Regards
58 Lukrecja (Joanna Kilen-Redesiuk)   (3/28/2005 9:47:28 AM)
59 Edite   (4/13/2005 2:37:47 PM)
Fantastic capture! Excellent composition and great details.
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