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author Heathmcf (Heather McFarland)
subjectPhoto Art
title Securely Sleeping
date6/11/2001 8:15:47 AM
detailsVictoria sleeps in the shade at a picnic with her pacifier and security blanket for comfort. Original image taken in Macro mode with Nikon CP950, F6.6 at 1/61 sec.
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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1 John White   (6/11/2001 9:04:06 AM)
Beautiful image 8.5
2 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (6/11/2001 9:29:16 AM)
wonderful Heather..I like the way you did this..very very good.
3 Harvey Edelman   (6/11/2001 10:27:11 AM)
Excellent use of color and light. 8.25
4 Kerrie Purcell   (6/11/2001 10:46:10 AM)
Excellent image Heather.
5 Christina Bowker   (6/11/2001 11:24:30 AM)
6 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 12:02:55 PM)
Sorry, but I have my doubts about this one. Is this a baby with false eyelashes or a hooker with a pacifier in her mouth. I really don't mean this as a put down, but it just doesn'e look real to me.
7 Heathmcf (Heather McFarland)   (6/11/2001 12:32:39 PM)
What makes you think this is a hooker with a pacifier in her mouth Lionel. And it's not false eyelashes either but her real eyelashes. It is composed exactly as taken. The only difference is I desaturated the face and blanket leaving only the color of the pacifier and spots on the blanket. I then adjusted the levels on the desaturated portions to get the mostly white effect to put emphasys on those lovely "fake as you call them" eyelashes.

It's just an innocent image of a baby sleeping...don't know how you would get a prostitute out of it. Heather
8 Heathmcf (Heather McFarland)   (6/11/2001 12:36:33 PM)
Oh and thanks for much for the 6 Lionel....a full point below any other vote I had gotten so far....will bring the average down on this one really fast!! I could see the vote if you had some beef with the technical execution of this...but by your comment I don't see that you do...oh well! Heather
9 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 12:40:48 PM)
Sorry, but I have never even seen a grown woman with REAL eyelashes that long and thick. The lashes look like they have thick mascarra on them. I'm thinking if these lashes are for real, then it's the colors that are accentuating the lashes. I showed this pic to several in my office and almost all had the same reaction as I did. If you cover the bottom half of the picture, and expose only the eyes, it looks like a woman 30 .
10 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 12:43:06 PM)
P.S. The hooker comment was just because that's what I think of when I seen long, black overly think eyelashes. Just looks fake. (sorry)
11 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 12:43:41 PM)
That was thick and not think in the PS above.
12 Heathmcf (Heather McFarland)   (6/11/2001 12:45:18 PM)
Well I could send you the original image Lionel...they are her real lashes which is what drew me to her anyway and which is why I took a macro image to highlight them. I certainly wouldn't put mascarra on a baby's eyes. I suppose if you just look at the eyes you may get the impression of an older women...however...that is only one element of the image. Whatever....I haven't touched the eyelashes...and I guess if a hooker is the impression you get from this image...well...I just don't see it. Heather
13 Derrick   (6/11/2001 12:46:12 PM)
I love this photo!

Our baby has long eye lashes as well...maybe not as long as victoria's, but long still the same.

I hope you have a printer so you can put a copy on the wall.
14 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (6/11/2001 1:12:37 PM)
Heather, it is a very well composed and executed pic. For a "Cute" pic. And complaining about a vote of only a point below the others is pretty lame. We all get votes of 3 and 4 point and more below average. You are doing great if it is only a point. Again, nice pic.
15 Heathmcf (Heather McFarland)   (6/11/2001 1:19:00 PM)
Sorry for complaining here and that's the biggest discrepancy I have encountered so far. If what you say is true I better just get my thick skin I just didn't see where he picked up a "hooker" vibe from it that's all. Heather
16 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (6/11/2001 1:42:56 PM)
Lionel, after reading your first comment I have to ask do you also think "Drew"(sorry Kim) is also a prostitute? or do you only think of woman this way? for he has very long thick eyelashes also..there is a very good article over in the technique area if you are interested.
17 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (6/11/2001 1:47:06 PM)
Heather, and so it begins. Yes, get that skin ASAP.
18 Lucrezia   (6/11/2001 2:11:22 PM)
The eyelashes are arresting, but I remember having a 7th grade crush on a guy named Salvatore only because his eyes were fringed with lashes like these...

I think both the composition and technique are excellent, and, in a word (hope it's not a dirty word around here): professional.
19 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 2:17:09 PM)
Cheryl, don't start with the women's issues stuff. My comments were to make a point of the exaggerated black eyelashes in the pic, as I can't buy that these have not been altered in some way, and not tastefully "in my opinion." As I stated, I showed this to several people in my office as I was so amazed at how the eyes looked. Several people laughed and said that's not for real. Be honest the eyelashes are too black. Heather could have toned these down and made a much sweeter, believable picture. I voted a six (interesting, still above average) when my most personal opionated voted would have been a 2 or 3. I have seen too many of the "beauty queen moms" (who start exploiting women when the are still children) that put all kinds of makeup and crap on their little girls to make them look like 21 year old sex objects. This has that same feel to me and I personally am turned off by the whole idea. Technically and comp-wise, it is a good pic and that's how I managed to give it a 6, otherwise my score would have been much lower.
20 Roger Ranney (Don't block the shot)   (6/11/2001 2:27:02 PM)
My opinion, for whatever that's worth, is that this is a nice piece of art, very tastefully done. To accent such extraordinary features such as the eyelashes seems like the right thing to do, making them a good focal point of the image. I try not to read too much into a photo. Just enjoy what is presented.
21 alc   (6/11/2001 2:32:54 PM)
This has a power to bring out emotions and issues. Beautiful eyelashes are beautiful on a baby and a hooker too. Very creative...9
22 Angie Hill   (6/11/2001 2:36:59 PM)
I wish everyone would quit saying hooker. Can you imagine what the mother is thinking, if she is reading this crap! I'm a mother and I would be very offended. And I'm sure some of you dads would be too if this was your daughter! Let's not forget that this is someone's child.
23 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (6/11/2001 2:50:13 PM)
Lionel, you started saying it looked like a hooker because of her eyelashes..I think you are skating on thin ice with a gas heater underneath...and my question has not been answered attack me is not an answer.
24 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 3:22:02 PM)
Cheryl, there is no thin ice here. My life or career in no way hinges on this website. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you should respect mine without going off on a tangent and taking all this so personally. Good Grief. Because it is a baby picture no one can really look at it the way it really comes across. I did not call the baby a hooker for Heaven's sakes, it was more that I was appalled that the photographer would make it look that way and then get upset when someone criticizes it for the way it appears to them. If you would re-read number 19 you might eventually figure out that my position here is against expoitation of children, although I am not accusing this artist of that I feel it is just has the look of being made up. So this is a picture we are talking about, NOT the baby. I don't think the photographer failed here to make it what it could have been and that's a wonderful shot of what looks to be a very beautiful child. I resented that to me it did look like a "floosy" )is that any better of a word???
25 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 3:23:36 PM)
Correction: Next to last sentence of #24 should be I do think instead of I don't think.
26 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 3:24:30 PM)
Baby or adult female???
suggested crop >>
27 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 3:28:00 PM)
By the way, I do have a beautiful seven month old daughter at home and if I saw any pictures of her that looked like this I would want them destroyed.
28 Heathmcf (Heather McFarland)   (6/11/2001 3:46:39 PM)
Thanks for all the comments folks...good and bad...for and against. I didn't think this technique would appeal to everyone but I didn't think the image would offend someone that much. I had simply attempted to capture the innocent slumber of a child who had her pacifier and security blanket to comfort her. I really liked her eyelashes and tried to accentuate them with this technique which is a commonly used one in digital art projects. Maybe those emotions I felt and tried to portray in this image are not coming across as well as I had hoped. I certainly don't understand how a mother would find this offensive and want to destroy it...but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Glad to have alot of discussion on something I enter than no comments at all! Heather
29 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (6/11/2001 3:56:16 PM)
Lionel, you do have some issues. An innocent picture of an innocent child. Well executed, sharp, artsy, good use of selected color. You seem to hold fault with enhanced eyelashes and their connotations. We all see different things when we view an image. If you honestly see something impure and exploitive when viewing this image, I suggest you seek counseling. It's done wonders for me.
I'm down to only two personalities.
30 Christine Crawford (Christine Rendflesh)   (6/11/2001 3:58:00 PM)
I have to say that I really like this image, I like the use of color with black and white. I think that this is a great image.
31 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 4:04:11 PM)
Mrgetz, you don't want emails from me, so here goes. I apologized to you on Europa, if you will go there and look. I love how people can't accept other peoples' honest opinions and then have to attack them. Now that you have had counseling, try an enema.
32 alc   (6/11/2001 4:05:13 PM)
I could not agree more with mrgetz!
33 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (6/11/2001 4:06:11 PM)
no tangent here..I simply asked whether you thought another was also a hooker because of HIS long thick per your #10 comment..I don't wish to argue just to understand your point.
34 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 4:16:30 PM)
This is so funny, I am ROFLMAO. I have not attacked anyone else's opinion on this picture (which I do not agree with most) nor made any personal attacks (until mrgetz entered into the picture), but some just can't resist, which seems like some personal issues to me. I thought Photoblink was meant for honest opinions, but very few of you really want them. Funny I was just accused last week of being to easy and throwing out too high scores. 90% of my votes are above 7 and I comment on what I see(not you, or anyone else sees) and that is exactly what all of you do, I hope. SO mrgetz and alc, it your turn to apologize.
35 cindy   (6/11/2001 4:17:58 PM)
I love this style and I love her eye lashes.
36 davemck (Dave McKay)   (6/11/2001 4:22:15 PM)
Heather, what a serene and beautiful image you have presented to us. This is a very creative use of macro and photo editing. Now the other comments. Lionel, I know where you are coming from re the exploitation of children dolled up to look like 21 year old models. Having been a principal of a school for 30 years I have seen a great deal of this and agree with your sentiments. However, these comments are misplaced in the context of this beautiful image which Heather has shared with us. Regards Dave
37 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 4:43:33 PM)
Dave, no they are not misplace , this is the little square where it says "Leave Your Comments". Like I said I showed this picture to several (non-photograhers) with no pre-explanation and they all said the same thing. That the eyelashes look made up and not real and looked like those of an adult female that used too much make up. It is just fine with me if you and rest of the world totally love and adore this picture, but it should be okay with the rest of you that I don't totally embrace it. Like I said, technically it is a very good picture, but I think the effect used here as overdone the eyelashes. Call me what you want, say what you want, but it's my opinion and I am entitled to it.
38 Heathmcf (Heather McFarland)   (6/11/2001 4:55:00 PM)
You are right Lionel you are entitiled to your opinion...and I respect your opinion when you state it as you did in #37. That just sounds so much better than your original statement. I don't mind if someone doesn't care for this technique or even the was just the "hooker" remarks that really sparked the debate. Heather
39 KathyS   (6/11/2001 5:09:08 PM)
Criky Heather, you sure bring controversy to this site! 1st those bees and now this!!
I'm so glad you decided to join! Since I have had the opportunity to view the original of this awesome photograph, I feel I should address the issue of the eyelashes....They are real! The Photograph is taken in macro mode, so Heather really zoomed in on those lashes, and I think with the desaturation on all of the color except the pacifier they (the lashes) stand out a wee little bit more than the original but not much!
I think there are more diplomatic ways to tell a photographer that you do not like what they have done with their photographs, we should all remember that there is a person (maybe the mother) waiting for our feedback on something they have worked hard to achieve. Let's everyone try to give honest critique without being overly abrasive. Lionel is entitled to his opinion as everyone else, we all just need to think about how some words may come across, that's all I'm saying.
Heather, I love this photograph, The art is very creative and fun, Great job! Did you get the mother a print?
40 Hans (photography or politics?)   (6/11/2001 5:20:24 PM)
This is one of the reasons why people vote without leaving a comment. Everyone is not good with words and we all come from different cultures and backgrounds. Instead of twist the words around, accept that Lionel didn't like this photo and be glad he said so. I like it because it's different.(7.4)
41 Sergei Samus (Serega to friends)     (6/11/2001 5:26:20 PM)
If anyone are in doubt about the size of eyelashes it's sufficient to look at the ones Drew has :o). Lionel, dealing with photography you shouldn't also discard the fact of an optical illusion: the black eyelashes seem way much longer on a white face than they appear in the non-contrast presentation. The anatomy of the nose line is also proving to be one of the baby's, as usually is much deeper concaved comparing to the one of an adult. The last and the most important factor: if we agreed to accept the authority of the images without questioning of the elementary proofs why should we put in doubt the photographer's words about the way the image is created? I'd like to say a few words about the image. By carefully and cleverly creating the highlights, you draw our attention to the most beautiful lines of the baby's face without making too much accent on the non-relevant details. Very good work.
42 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 5:29:40 PM)
Kathy, I did think about my comments and knew exactly what I was saying. And I also I knew it would spark this debate and knew I would catch a lot of flack about it. My origianl comment, was my initial perception of the picture. If all would re-read my first comment you would see that I never referred to the baby as a hooker. I asked "is this a baby with false eyelashes" OR (get it OR) "is this a hooker with a pacifier in her mouth.?" I did not ask "is this baby a hooker?" Also look at the suggested crop (which I will repeat). Do the eyes and eyebrows not look like an adult female with mascarra? If someone had shown you just the top half of the pic and asked you to guess who it was, you would have probably guessed Marlo Thomas or Laura Bush (and I'm not suggesting that they are H'ers), but not a baby.
43 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 5:38:00 PM)
Sergei, I totally undestand and agree and that is exactly what went wrong with this photo in my opinion. If the white face made the lashes look too long and black, then then it is the job of the photographer to correct that image so that it isn't distracting or too out of proportion. Whether an optical illusion, smoke and mirrors or whatever, this photo does not work for ME. The eyelashes in this photo overpower the most beautiful aspects of the baby's face and make the baby look more that of an adult than a child, which I am very strongly opposed to, i.e. Jon Benet Ramsey et al. I never tried to say that the artist intent was to make it look the way it looks to me, but that is the way it looks to me and most everyone in my office.
44 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 5:41:14 PM)
Also, what is everyone so up tight about. When this argument started, this photo was barely in the top ten and now look at it. Nothing like good old fashioned professional sympathy (empathy) one of those pathy words. Also look how many people have stopped to say something. Isn't this great!!! Congratulations Heather!!!
45 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (6/11/2001 5:44:20 PM)
did you ever answer my question though?
46 MDR (Matt Zinger)   (6/11/2001 5:51:12 PM)
I love days like this.
47 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 5:59:55 PM)
Cheryl, now if you want to go to Drew's photo you can see my answer to your question. Now you can answer mine. Did you have a problem with Drew's eyelashes. I didn't see your comment if so or are you trying to psycho-analyze me in some way if I have a problem with the baby GIRLS eyelashes and not the little BOY'S??

Also here is my repeat cropping suggestion I omitted in #42 above.
48 Lionel Jones   (6/11/2001 6:03:15 PM)
Sorry, but I guess you can only crop suggest once so see # 26 above.
49 NancyO (Nancy Ouellette)   (6/11/2001 6:28:41 PM)
Makes me want to take a nap. Very nice "photo art" image Heather, I like the color of the selective color on the pacifier and the dots on the blanket. I wish I had those lashes ;)
50 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (6/11/2001 6:35:07 PM)
No I didn't have a problem with Drew's eyelashes nor with Victoria's..the eyelashes are what Drew me in.
51 sb_photo   (6/11/2001 6:44:02 PM)
Very nice photo, Cheryl, And for one that has a grandaughter with equally as long eyelashes, As was seen on my submission of Jasmine, i dont doubt that these are real, I admire Lionel in giving his honest comment, i relation to scoring a 6. when everyone else was scoring it higher, I think it was the way you phrased the comment that got to some Lionel.
52 Bill Taylor   (6/11/2001 7:12:54 PM)
Very Well Done! ..and yes, I read all the comments, and I have no comment on the comments.:)
53 ROMELLO   (6/11/2001 8:48:22 PM)
Wow, has anyone notice the eyelashes on that child. Just kiddin':-) Beautiful photo!
54 ken roberts   (6/11/2001 9:47:44 PM)
great shot!love the contrast between the color and b/w....superb sharpness
55 David   (6/12/2001 2:03:11 AM)
I agree with all of the above. Marty, is that possible? Actually, what I like most about this image is the 2 shades of blue dots. 8.5
56 sukey   (6/12/2001 2:15:05 AM)
Heather -- this is really original, sweet and terrific technically. In regards to Number 6...George Bernard Shaw said, "Our suspicions of others are based upon knowledge of ourselves." I think Number 6 is why the Rorschacht ink blot test was invented!
57 R.J.Thé   (6/12/2001 2:20:22 AM)
I think it's safe to say that this baby doesn't look anything remotely like Lionel Jones. Details about eyelashes aren't worth squabbling: what's important is that the overall image works very well. I don't know if I missed an explanation, but just how did you get this effect - I love the purple, particularly. Please do tell.
58 Lionel Jones   (6/12/2001 10:20:06 AM)
Sukey, why do you find it necessary to make personal comments about my character when you know nothing about me. My comments on this picture were honest and sincere never personal to anyone or especially the baby. Apparently you don't read thoroughly. I stand by my comments, because that is what I saw. I had to look at the picture for a couple of minutes to really decide if it was a joke or not. I have shown the picture to several people without pre-bias and they all pretty much saw it the way I did. I have no suspicions about the baby in this picture. That is ridiculous!!! My suspicions were the validity of the picture and the techniques used to create it. That is professionalism. I don't give a rip about what George Bernard said. My advice to you is the same in #31.
59 Lionel Jones   (6/12/2001 10:28:18 AM)
RJ, I never said the baby looked like me. It is also BS that details about eyelashes aren't worth squabbling about. That is the focus and theme of this whole picture. Why is it so difficult for most of you to look at this picture technically and comment on the technical aspects without feeling some kind of guilt because it's a picture of a baby. You don't seem to have that problem when its a beautiful landscape or macro shot. This is a website about photography not personalities or the Little Miss pageant. I was commenting on a picture not a person.
60 robinschooley (Robin Schooley)   (6/12/2001 12:00:50 PM)
Heather... I love the high key nature of this image. I am going to ignore all the debate about the eyelashes (Many children have extremely thick eyelashes. That is one of the reasons wht we enhance them with mascara when we get older... to make ourselves look young again :o).) Anyway... while I find this quite endearing, I personally think the pacifier is too saturated. But then that is just my opinion. Keep shooting!
61 sukey   (6/12/2001 1:18:47 PM)
Lionel, I'm sorry. I lashed out because I just don't get the backbiting that goes on. As a health professional, I happen to know that a baby's eyes, and that includes eyelashes, are larger than what they will eventually look like when the rest of the body catches up. A child's head IS large for their body. Those huge eyes are what make us think they are so cute.

To say this picture looks like a hooker is inappropriate. Period. Yes, we're all entitled to our own opinion, but what kind of reaction did you think you'd get? As a logical human being, didn't you think it might have started a mess of comments and arguing? It did.

Everyone on PB puts their heart and time into their work. Those are the most precious thing we have. Just use some common sense -- how often do you see the word "baby" and "hooker" used in the same sentence? I'm gonna take a wild guess here -- never.

Why couldn't you just say something like, "IMO, the eyelashes look way out of proportion for a baby."????? THAT was your opinion. Don't you get it Lionel? A hooker with a pacifier?

What I like about PB is that we all have an opportunity to share our work and hopefully grow from the experience. This site can be instructional and useful and propel us to take chances, experiment, develop into better artists. Isn't that the purpose of this site? We also have the choice to show grace -- another gift we have as human beings. I guess I would like to see more of it.
62 Janet Jonas   (6/12/2001 3:28:03 PM)
I would love to see the original on this one Heather. It is a lovely and unusual image. Could the eyelashes have been burned in just a bit? Posting the origianl would certainly put any speculation to rest. Regards, Janet
63 Kimberly   (6/12/2001 3:44:47 PM)
My two cents. BEAUTIFUL BABY, to die foe lashes! Well done Heather, if this were my baby I'd be proud to display this photo. K~
64 Kimberly   (6/12/2001 3:44:58 PM)
oops FOR ;)
65 Darwin   (6/12/2001 4:49:45 PM)
Wow, you produce a fine photo that is a cut above what is on PB and then one guy (Lionel) rather than asking "Are the eyelashes enhanced in this photo" asks "is this a baby with false eyelashes or a hooker with a pacifier in her mouth". I can understand if someone wants to know if the eyelashes have been enhanced, but there is no need to word things so abrasively. Wording like this is certainly going to elicit strong responses which, while entertaining, certainly doesn't fufill the point of this website. Whether or not the eyelashes are natural or have been enhanced is a minor point. Does the photo 'work' as presented is the question we should ask. I think it is a wonderful image. Keep em coming 8.5
66 Lionel Jones   (6/12/2001 5:19:12 PM)
Last word on this from me, I stand by my original comment as that was my first impression of this picture. I was offended by what looked like exploitation of this beautiful child, i.e. the Little Miss mom's who do dress their very young children up to look like (sh-sh-sh-sh--may I whisper---hookers). After talking to the artist and seeing the original which I found much more appealing and a better photo, I do know the artist's intent. The artist has benefited greatly from the debate and sentiment that my comments elicited and I certainly will not apologize for that. So, think what you will, say what you will, but why don't some of you spend a little more time looking at the art of the photos instead of the mere surface content. God Bless the United States Of America!!
67 Darwin   (6/12/2001 6:58:11 PM)
That is precisely what I was doing Lionel... looking at the art in this photo rather than spending time on mere suface content (the eyelashes). Maybe by art, you mean the "meaning" or 'message' of the photo? To you the Eyelashes gave a negative connotation that was at odds with the innocence of the baby. To me, it the eyelashes have no 'sexual' connotation they just add to the size of the eyes which I find pleasing in this photo. Maybe art truly is in the eyes of the beholder eh? And finally, you SEEM to elevate yourself above the rest of us on PB as being able to decipher art while the rest of us dwell only surface detail. Maybe you can, I dunno. I just comment on pictures that move me for whatever reason. Maybe my commentary isn't as useful as yours, but to some people it is just as valid. You do make people think and stimulate thought for sure, for that you are to be thanked.
68 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (6/12/2001 8:38:20 PM)
The beat goes on.
69 Mike Blanchard   (6/12/2001 9:09:16 PM)
Terrific image Heather! (8.35)
70 Christina Bowker   (6/12/2001 11:15:44 PM)
I am # 70! LOL
71 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (6/13/2001 8:34:04 AM)
Drums keep poundin rythm to my brain..#71 :-)
72 Christine James   (6/14/2001 2:07:39 AM)
Well done Heather. Wonderful photo - eyelashes and all:)
73 wildwolf   (6/16/2001 12:50:35 AM)
cant we all just get along. GREAT PIC
74 dido   (7/6/2001 1:20:24 AM)
All other sensitivities aside, this is a different view of what otherwise would have been a standard image and which apparently took a lot of work. Excellent in my book (9)
75 goga (Gordana Sermek)   (7/6/2001 5:09:25 AM)
Very beautiful and touchy photo. Very nice scene.
Best wishes!
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