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author Kid Panama
title Hide your Face! He Has a Camera!
date6/29/2005 7:26:35 AM
detailsInsect pornography is rapidly becoming a worldwide problem of epidemic proportions. Here's how I came upon this lurid and indecent image.

While strolling through the park one day; in the merry, merry month of May, I was taken by surprise while tiptoeing through the Tulips to come across this pair of
Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers performing a live sex show right out in the open. And for what! A couple of lousy Ant tidbits or whatever the hell they eat! It was a disgrace. Is there nowhere to safely walk by yourself or your loved ones or children and not be assaulted by this type of wanton behavior? Put your foot down and stamp out BP (buggy porn). Remember: A moral bug is a HAPPY bug!

(Does anybody really read this stuff)?
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1 Lukrecja (Joanna Kilen-Redesiuk)   (6/29/2005 7:29:33 AM)
2 Victoria ( .)   (6/29/2005 7:37:48 AM)
maybe they are just fighting for that leaf food? or am i being naive here? great capture, ideal makro!
3 Geralyns Creations (just plain ole me! )   (6/29/2005 7:42:40 AM)
Excellant!!! Great DOF, color and clarity! I almost did not read your detail but I do agree most of the time people do not read anything. If you stamp out insect porn you would have not had this wonderful image
4 Rudi Van Gestel   (6/29/2005 7:49:38 AM)
Colourful grasshoppers! Very good image!
... and yes - mostly of the time I read the details written by the photographers...!
5 Martynas   (6/29/2005 7:58:03 AM)
Wonderful love scene!
6 Rick X (Rick Xavier)   (6/29/2005 8:04:04 AM)
I did read. I would like to know what camera?
The image is full of color and humor (with your text). Nice one.
7 DeCastro   (6/29/2005 8:10:46 AM)
Excellant!!! Great DOF, color and clarity!
8 Kid Panama   (6/29/2005 8:26:17 AM)'s all the info:
Canon EOS 1D
Speedlight 550EX and Better Beamer
Evaluative Metering
Aperature Priority
Sigma 50-500mm.
ISO 200
F5.6 @ 1/160 Sec.
E-TTL Flash -1

9 Kim Adams (Let's go Cardinals! )   (6/29/2005 8:38:43 AM)
Yes, I read it all and I'm extremely embarrassed after viewing this image. My face is red..I'm hiding behind my screen:)
Nice detail..I can see everything.
10 ORZECHOWSKI (. .)   (6/29/2005 8:49:28 AM)
Fantastic details.Regards and congrats
11 ckldybr (A perfect photo is just a click away)   (6/29/2005 8:56:15 AM)
The worst part of the dispicable scene is that soon there will be another 50 or 60 lubber grasshoppers! Eating the plants and anta, and having more sex. Heaven Forbid!! LOL. Kid, the colors are dynamic. Glad you didn't put your foot down till after taking the image. Take care. barb.
12 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (6/29/2005 9:04:53 AM)
A good behavioral insect capture, I like the vibrant colors! Wish their eyes were sharper though, and the background's a bit on the busy side.
13 Sergio Pessolano   (6/29/2005 9:39:57 AM)
Wonderful shymphony of shapes and colors.
14 btezra   (6/29/2005 9:48:01 AM)
~anyone else here the song "Let's Get It On" playing?~
15 Laurel Austin   (6/29/2005 9:49:04 AM)
Piggy back rides!!! Love the detail and color!
16 Maciej   (6/29/2005 9:50:03 AM)
beautiful (10)
17 docmm   (6/29/2005 9:55:10 AM)
I read it and very entertaining this piece is too! As for the grasshoppers, they're pretty sharp with brilliant colour. Would benefit from a less messy BG.. He obviously needs to liven up his act, she's still eating her lunch!
18 KAY (........ .......)   (6/29/2005 9:59:10 AM)
Must be the season to be jolly :) beautiful detail in the hoppers...
19 nitzan cccc (Nitzan Cohen)   (6/29/2005 10:06:15 AM)
Outstanding macro, fantastic colors and point of view!

20 Reidar   (6/29/2005 10:46:09 AM)
Excellent...picture and picture text! Lol
21 steve sharpe   (6/29/2005 10:56:13 AM)
Great colours and sharpness, very well done.
22 Kris Bass (peter pan is so real ))   (6/29/2005 11:16:53 AM)
I read it also. Wow excellent capture of their indecent exposure while keep yours. :)
23 Yuri Bonder   (6/29/2005 11:21:03 AM)
24 Debi Joranco-Arellano   (6/29/2005 11:23:10 AM)
Love you're comments!! LOL!! Very good shot!
25 Arno Hollander (Sniper 1)   (6/29/2005 11:39:38 AM)
this should be posted in the nude section LOL.. great catch!
26 Hani   (6/29/2005 11:52:27 AM)
Very nice...
27 Fernando Dias   (6/29/2005 12:01:21 PM)
28 Andy Cooper ( What I SHOULD have done was.....)   (6/29/2005 12:48:37 PM)
Absolutely stunning in every respect !!!!! the description.
This is one ace macro.
As regards the disgraceful behaviour, I'm afraid this kind of thing is endemic these days, and in my opinion the slide down the slippery slope started with the termination
of National Service.
29 Corry   (6/29/2005 1:02:16 PM)
Great and funny :)
30 Cory Bucher (Never Modest )   (6/29/2005 1:05:26 PM)
Superb Kid.
31 Benjamim Gil   (6/29/2005 1:09:25 PM)
32 Joel P Black   (6/29/2005 2:02:19 PM)
Watch out for the doggie dodo it less friendly to step in. Nice capture. Some sharpness issues but still vibrant and interesting.
33 Awais   (6/29/2005 4:04:01 PM)
Excellent macro work. Colours and light is so beautiful here. Enhansing the colours are the key of the image. Fantastic........
34 joe bellantoni   (6/29/2005 5:12:39 PM)
Well kid...those are 2 horney bugs! Nice color is that the actual color? I can't believe you got that much detail with that lens...what focal length was it talken at...I have tried to do some stuff like this but even with the vr lens it never comes out this sharp...unless you used an extension tube...Cool shot.
35 Brites dos Santos (Artur JBS)   (6/29/2005 5:43:24 PM)
SECTACULAR macro. Very well done. 5*
36 Janrique (Janet Williams)   (6/29/2005 5:48:40 PM)
I read it with interest and with a smile on my face! Great stuff, and the image is just stunning. Absolutely wonderful!
37 photographersusy   (6/29/2005 5:56:59 PM)
great shot kid
38 John More   (6/29/2005 6:20:28 PM)
definetly a indecent exposure Lol, excellent capture very well done
39 Dan Cardiff   (6/29/2005 6:20:43 PM)
Outstanding macro!
40 Kid Panama   (6/29/2005 6:36:10 PM)
Yup...that's the actual color of Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers with no saturation:-). It was taken at 500mm. and over 50% of the image was cropped.
41 Kristian1   (6/29/2005 7:10:33 PM)
great captured , i like title also , congrats!
42 Les McLean (**** ))   (6/29/2005 7:22:52 PM)
Good (and funny) description.
Neat shot, perhaps I would consider cloning the purple blobs in the BG?
43 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (6/29/2005 10:05:35 PM)
Love-ly Shot, Kid! Way to go! :O)))
44 herman blockx   (6/30/2005 2:47:40 AM)
Kid, a great action shot ! about insectporn on the net, I don't thinck you caught them with a smoking gun! (lol) (are there are more posts to come?); congr.!
45 Nannini Van Gestel   (7/1/2005 2:10:47 AM)
Sorry that I'm late for commenting on this one!
Every time, my father gives a comment and then, I' can t vote on that photo for 1 day!!
Just superb!
46 Curtis Forrester   (7/3/2005 11:25:27 AM)
Great capture and wonderful colors!
47 Ilia L. (Ilia Lutsker)   (7/8/2005 9:09:29 AM)
Great colour! Best macro!
48 Arthur Ankh   (7/10/2005 12:03:51 AM)
Excellent job! Superb image!
49 Olo   (7/13/2005 2:18:11 PM)
great macro
50 Martin Stainsby   (7/13/2005 2:45:39 PM)
Brilliant Macro. Excellent colours.
51 vsinopoulos   (7/14/2005 8:49:39 AM)
Only one word comes to mind " SUPERB!!!!!"
52 Saad Mohammed   (7/15/2005 6:53:16 AM)
excellent macro !
53 Duke Ivo   (7/18/2005 10:22:08 AM)
Yeah, we read this stuff and vote for images. Excelent work.
54 Biliana ((I am against CHERYL B)   (7/19/2005 12:12:43 PM)
wow. wonderful details of this wonderful exemples of happy bugs! Be carreful where you put youf foot!
55 Marc Guyt   (8/3/2005 10:18:15 AM)
great X-rated shot!
56 J.L.   (8/27/2005 1:49:26 PM)
Excellent bit of nature and very humorous detsil.:)
57 Carmem   (9/11/2005 1:48:11 PM)
Excellent photo!!!!!!!!!
58 Sanek   (10/18/2005 9:57:44 PM)
Can we do a mini-series ( attaching my photo)...
example image >>
59 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (1/5/2006 1:20:49 AM)
I always read what authors say!! Very funny, great macro, love the colors.
60 zorilla   (3/15/2006 6:44:33 PM)
Locusta Hornia I presume.
61 Centy ( )   (3/21/2006 4:17:12 PM)
i read your stuff. i think it is really nice picture, are this real colours?? amazing
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