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author Martynas
title ~Chemical quality in food engineering ~
date3/9/2007 5:14:18 AM
detailsWhat do we eat?:) And how it is made?:)

For food fun game!:)

Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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Version #1 (3/9/2007 5:14:18 AM)
Initial submission
Version #1 (3/9/2007 8:16:08 AM)
As requested by viewers! ;)
Version #2 - current (3/9/2007 8:16:16 AM)
As requested by viewers! ;)
1 svilen   (3/9/2007 5:45:28 AM)
good work!
2 mims_   (3/9/2007 5:49:26 AM)
I like the conception and the chemical green and pink tones.I see the sky and birds here...and my imagination start to work...I would to see the same apple,but like Earth and the syringe like some kind of aliens :)))
Very good work!
3 Cristina Ioana   (3/9/2007 5:55:08 AM)
Very interesting Martynas, I like also the concept!
4 Lorraine54 (Don't worry be Happy and comment more)   (3/9/2007 5:56:59 AM)
Well done, should have known you would come up with something totally original...Nice photo art
5 Martynas   (3/9/2007 6:16:06 AM)
#1 svilen:
#2 mims_:
#3 Cristina Ioana:
#4 Lorraine54(Love your enemies. It'll make 'em crazy): Thank you!
6 Yan M   (3/9/2007 6:43:27 AM)
yup totally something original. Like the mixed colour on the pumpkin ?
7 Martynas   (3/9/2007 6:52:17 AM)
#6 Yan M: No! Apple! LOL!
8 Yan M   (3/9/2007 7:03:53 AM)
apple ? hehehehe oops. btw what if you move the syringe more to the front? so it wont looks like behind the apple ?
9 *rose*   (3/9/2007 7:18:17 AM)
Very original! Just killed my appetite, tho :)
10 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.   (3/9/2007 8:12:26 AM)
Love it!!Reminds my of my wonderful past;-) Before I became an economist I always wanted to be a doctor/scientist as genetic engineering was my obesession...but earlier, had wanted to be next Maria Sklodowska-Curie...chemistry had been my passion, chemical experiments- the sense of my life;-)...I wanted so badly to discover something, do something for future generations;-)..hmmmmm...dreams;-) That is why I like this photo so much;-)...would like to experiment once again;-)...I like the idea, like the colors, like the execution..however, would slightly prefer the needle in the apple somewhere here...and just one more thought has crossed my mind, however, I do not know if this is good as the photo might be too busy...I was thinking about layers here..whether not to add additional layer of green..well, we see on the apple a touch of pink-this means you've already applied one "layer/portion" of pink;-)...However, as I said, I am not sure about this...have a little problem to picture this now...Congratulations! Good job..goes to my basket, Jolanta
11 Martynas   (3/9/2007 8:20:16 AM)
#8 Yan M:
#10 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.: Thanks and done!;)
12 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.   (3/9/2007 8:31:50 AM)
#11 Martynas(Ali Baba and the Forty Aliases):
;-) thank is almost perfect;-))...
When I was taking about the layers here I was thinking whether not to show that "color" is applied in then will be green, etc, etc...but, as I've said this was very short idea that crossed my mind..but I am not sure about it...I think it is very ok the way it does not have to be a romantic image, rather more scientific one;-)))J.
13 Martynas   (3/9/2007 8:33:32 AM)
#2 mims_: you the right about the Earth! And we are aliens! LOL!
14 Martynas   (3/9/2007 8:34:18 AM)
#12 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.: glad you like it! Science is my passion too! ;)
15 Yan M   (3/9/2007 8:42:04 AM)
#11 Martynas : yep thats it. thanks. And wow.. you add it's shadow also...
16 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.   (3/9/2007 8:45:17 AM)
#11 Martynas(Ali Baba and the Forty Aliases):
as an "old" chemist I have inclination towards perfection;-)..I like this image and would like it to be perfect in every single aspect..So, let me be extremly picky, which of course does not influence my impression about the image...I was thinking about one more thing...about the green color here..this is obvious this green has to be darker than green applied "into" the after application in a soft substance it fades (dissolves) a little bit..however, I am not sure if those two greens come from the same "tint palette" But, this is a minor thing which I am not sure about...I would have to see a color pallete...Hm..on the other hand I think you've already checked this..oh well..sorry...just had to share my thoughts with you;-) hope you do not mind, J.
17 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.   (3/9/2007 8:48:08 AM)
#14 Martynas(Ali Baba and the Forty Aliases):
#15 Yan M:
thanks Yan, you added wow about the shadow...I wanted to do the same...he is unbelievable;-)..simply, smart guy;-))
18 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.   (3/9/2007 8:57:48 AM)
#14 Martynas(Ali Baba and the Forty Aliases):
Forget about what I said matches the green of the leaf...this is a photo...not a scientific proof;-))J.
19 Chuck Uebele   (3/9/2007 9:02:15 AM)
Great job! Much better than the last version. I did forget to mention on that one about the liquid in the syringe that you could show the plunger of the syringe. Besides that, I love it!
20 Hoffy (Paul Hoffman)   (3/9/2007 9:18:04 AM)
21 Hoffy (Paul Hoffman)   (3/9/2007 9:19:08 AM)
I was jest about to eat lunch, Thanks.
22 KAROLOS TRIVIZAS   (3/9/2007 9:24:19 AM)
Wonderful symbolic synthesis Martynas. Excellent light and beautiful colours against a complimentary dark b/g.
23 mims_   (3/9/2007 10:08:54 AM)
#13 Martynas (Ali Baba and the Forty Aliases)
Exactly!...and the two colours are male and femail individuals :))))
24 Martynas   (3/9/2007 11:08:01 AM)
#23 mims_: maybe maybe....:)
Top 10 Recommendation
svilen   (3/9/2007 11:08:25 AM)
very good work !
26 Martynas   (3/9/2007 11:14:44 AM)
#18 Jolanta ByliniaK-K.: LOL! All is ok! Next time I will be more careful with colours!:)
27 Elisabeth   (3/9/2007 11:27:44 AM)
Very creative work, great conceptual idea!
28 Hans (photography or politics?)   (3/9/2007 12:44:48 PM)
Another crop and comp. would be better I think. But great creativity!
29 Zenonas   (3/9/2007 12:46:22 PM)
Very philosophical work! Nice idea.
30 KAY (........ .......)   (3/9/2007 1:54:26 PM)
So glad i eat organic..:}. this is very good
31 Gaga (Dragan Babovic)   (3/9/2007 2:35:57 PM)
Good idea how to help to world.
32 herman blockx   (3/9/2007 3:30:48 PM)
pretty cool stuff!!!
33 joe bellantoni   (3/9/2007 3:58:40 PM)
I like the current version much better...interesting concept
34 Gajumaru (G ~   (3/9/2007 4:30:26 PM)
Very interesting idea and very nicely worked image. Great skills and creative work!!
35 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (3/9/2007 5:52:35 PM)
very unique and well done..I'll come back later and look at it a bit longer...just got home.
36 Corry   (3/9/2007 6:28:36 PM)
Creative and different! Excellent!
37 Corry   (3/9/2007 6:30:50 PM)
imho it works best on a black map and full screen :)
38 Martynas   (3/9/2007 6:54:57 PM)
#37 Corry: thanks Corry! I set it on black mat.
39 Lagernet (Lyle Gellner)   (3/9/2007 8:27:53 PM)
Very creative and well presented!!
40 Rick Seufert (? )   (3/9/2007 8:28:04 PM)
This is cool. Like this one for sure.
41 Amuletum ( )   (3/9/2007 8:30:38 PM)
very cool!
42 PatriciaP (Hope pb aliases will stay off other sites)   (3/9/2007 8:43:18 PM)
This is a creative and fun image...doesn't look appetizing but the visual preception looks great to me. Nice work:)
43 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (3/9/2007 9:19:18 PM)
This really has a lot of impact Martynas, I admire your creative thinking here!
44 Peter Bolman   (3/10/2007 2:29:09 AM)
Very nice work, well done..makes you think...
45 Jouko   (3/10/2007 5:14:20 AM)
You seem to collect all the awards! ; )

SUPERB WORK, my friend!

My congratulations.............
46 Martynas   (3/10/2007 6:03:10 AM)
#45 Jouko: thanks!:)
Top 10 Recommendation
Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (3/10/2007 7:48:14 AM)
Great shot!!
48 MJFerron   (3/10/2007 8:27:53 AM)
Probably more real than we think. very nice work.
49 erlandpil   (3/15/2007 8:02:06 AM)
Great idea and picture
50 David Foster   (3/22/2007 3:25:55 PM)
great image, concept and such am important message ~ well done
51 Reidar   (3/26/2007 3:33:30 AM)
Interesting shot!
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