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author Gaga (Dragan Babovic)
date7/22/2007 4:07:46 AM
detailsMain theme:

(People - sculptures)

No 1

I made some stuides about essence of life. I found people in the water like sculptures. Their poses, movements, specific behaviour in the same conditions and their relationes in the open space are very interesting and unfailing inspiration.

I like minimalistic form and I tried to keep it here.

Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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1 Sreten   (7/22/2007 4:19:39 AM)
This is a really great picture, Gaga. The moving people in the shallow water and everybody finds its own fun. Aamzing composition, beautiful light, nice reflection in water and original idea. Congrats!
2 Graham Mealand   (7/22/2007 7:07:08 AM)
I'm glad your recent seaside trip was so rewarding Dragan, great picture.
3 Trajano (( hard as a rock))   (7/22/2007 7:26:37 AM)
Great shot Dragan. The group,the hapy group in the back ground really grabs my eye. Congrats.
4 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (7/22/2007 7:46:22 AM)
Great shot, Gaga, well seen!!

5 THANTON (Thanos Antonelos)   (7/22/2007 7:48:43 AM)
nice capture Dragan.very good.their silouettes,their moves on the water...
Top 10 Recommendation
THANTON (Thanos Antonelos)   (7/22/2007 7:45:43 AM)
nice capture Dragan.very good.their silouettes,their moves on the water...
7 Hassan (Hassan A)   (7/22/2007 8:22:40 AM)
excellent composition! well done
8 MJFerron   (7/22/2007 8:50:41 AM)
An excellent and well balanced comp. Good job.
Top 10 Recommendation
Helly (Helly and Graham Horrocks)   (7/22/2007 8:52:58 AM)
Superb Gaga!

Love the stillness of the water and the silouettes, excellent composition as always! :-)
10 David Foster   (7/22/2007 9:33:45 AM)
a lovely composition sets a great mood with brilliant little silhouetted figures ~ My image of the day
11 Hillebrand Breuker   (7/22/2007 9:34:00 AM)
Great composition and very interesting moving subjects
Top 10 Recommendation
David Foster   (7/22/2007 9:31:10 AM)
a lovely composition sets a great mood with brilliant little silhouetted figures ~ My image of the day
13 LindaY (Linda Y)   (7/22/2007 9:46:13 AM)
Absolutely gorgeous minimalistic image. I love the way that you have balanced your composition with the one large figure in the foreground and the four smaller figures in the background. The implied motion of all of the people in the shot is wonderful and I like that their poses are all different. The light sea and sky really puts the focus on your subjects too. Very well seen and very expertly photographed, Dragan. This one is a real winner!
14 Christopher Azzopardi   (7/22/2007 11:02:50 AM)
Very, very beautiful!
15 Tomel   (7/22/2007 11:42:18 AM)
Gaga, I have nothing to add that hasn't already been said. A wonderfully refreshing image. Regards
16 Lagernet (Lyle Gellner)   (7/22/2007 1:31:21 PM)
Uniquely different,,. Nicely seen Gaga!!
17 Zenonas   (7/22/2007 2:09:57 PM)
Fantastic shot! Good eye, nice idea. Congrats!
18 KAY (........ .......)   (7/22/2007 2:44:00 PM)
Well composed image
19 Cardiff   (7/22/2007 4:06:24 PM)
Love the composition, has depth, action, and makes the viewer smile.
Top 10 Recommendation
Amril Nuryan   (7/22/2007 6:09:11 PM)
Amazing, this is really a beautiful photo......!
21 DorisJ (from land below the wind)   (7/22/2007 8:46:06 PM)
Simple but beautiful image, well composed.
Top 10 Recommendation
Gajumaru (G ~   (7/23/2007 1:14:58 AM)
What a great capture Gaga! Composition and actions are just excellent. Amzing capture of the scene!!!
23 Gaga (Dragan Babovic)   (7/23/2007 4:23:23 AM)
#1 Sreten:
#2 Graham Mealand:
#3 Trajano(( life's too short)):
#4 Tim Pereira(Cooney ):
#5 THANTON(Thanos Antonelos):
#7 Hassan:
#8 MJFerron(I don't do as others do.):
#9 Helly:
#12 David Foster:
#13 LindaY(Happiness is Shooting What I Like):
#14 Christopher Azzopardi:
#15 Tomel:
#16 Lagernet(Lyle Gellner):
#17 Zenonas:
#18 KAY(Nothing is Worth.... More than this Day!.):
#19 Cardiff:
#20 Amril Nuryan:
#21 DorisJ(from land below the wind):
#22 Gajumaru(G ~
THANK YOU ALL, WITHOUT YOU THIS PICTURE WOULDNT WIN. I congratulation to all top 10 photographers.
I am soryy that some direct competitors didnt gave me noone comment. I gave them and I think this is cultural behaviour.
I wish you luck today and next days and thank you all again.
24 Corry   (7/23/2007 4:46:03 AM)
Congratulation to this great action shot! It is something I'd like to do some day!The movement of the people is gorgeous! You did excellent work here!
25 erlandpil   (7/23/2007 5:20:01 AM)
Great shot again
26 Yan M   (7/23/2007 6:59:11 AM)
those people will make another good one
27 Harvey   (7/23/2007 6:38:38 PM)
Interesting picture I like the people in the distance as well.
Top 10 Recommendation
herman blockx   (7/25/2007 2:19:20 AM)
a great shot with at first glance a simple subject but captured and composed so well ! congr.!
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