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author J.JACINTO
title F i r e !
date12/3/2001 8:36:00 AM
detailsLisboa ( Chiado 25/8/1988 ) Portugal -
Camera : Pentax -
Lens : 135 m/m -
Film : Kodak

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blinks: 65.3score: 8.177voted: 30

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1 Amuletum ( )   (12/3/2001 8:57:29 AM)
Great job on this one. I really like the feel.
2 ACVC (Aguinaldo Vera-Cruz)   (12/3/2001 9:11:26 AM)
Very good photojournalism photo!
3 LL Portugal   (12/3/2001 10:06:30 AM)
Hot !
4 dwatt   (12/3/2001 10:15:45 AM)
Nicely done in the heat of the moment!
5 Haim Ziv   (12/3/2001 10:34:53 AM)
Beautiful PJ and well done.
6 Vitor Dias   (12/3/2001 10:42:09 AM)
Great register , Regards
7 Laurini   (12/3/2001 12:50:24 PM)
This shots has an out-of-this-world quality .
8 Fredondo (Fernando Redondo)   (12/3/2001 1:35:25 PM)
Scores by criteria: Original / Creative 7, Unique / Unrepeatable 10, Teaching / Touching 8, Technical Achievement 7, Esthetical Achievement 9, Average Score 8.2 (see the meaning of the criteria in the FORUM thread WEBMASTER / MY VOTING CRITERIA)
9 janeca (Joo Espinho)   (12/3/2001 1:50:31 PM)
Very good job.
10 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (12/3/2001 3:41:53 PM)
I really like how you managed to frame the firefighters against the flaming building in the background Jorge, the exposure is quite good on this! (8.5)
11 Fernando Dinis   (12/3/2001 3:52:17 PM)
Very good! Quando o fredondo vota eu j no consigo...
12 Fernando Dinis   (12/3/2001 4:11:59 PM)
Dava oito e meio!
13 Chantal   (12/3/2001 7:10:26 PM)
Good colors, comp and good journalism.
14 Jacob   (12/4/2001 3:11:53 AM)
great shoot!
daqui consigo votar :-))
15 Egas   (12/4/2001 7:22:37 AM)
Very well done.
16 Kim Adams (Let's go Cardinals! )   (12/4/2001 8:55:47 PM)
good composition.
17 MJDCF (Mario Ferreira)   (12/5/2001 4:03:52 AM)
This is a great job.
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