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author Roberto Andrade
title Ana
date5/5/2012 12:49:24 AM
detailsNegative BW - Kodak Tri-x 400 - textures applied
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blinks: 48.375score: 8.163voted: 23

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Version #1 (5/5/2012 12:49:24 AM)
Initial submission
Version #2 - current (5/5/2012 8:15:02 PM)
Fix about comments by Wendy (line on body) and Ray (face). Thx
1 MJFerron   (5/5/2012 12:58:56 AM)
overall I like it despite all that room up top.
2 Roberto Andrade   (5/5/2012 1:11:23 AM)
#1 MJFerron:
Thx MJ. The window is a important part of the image. For me, of course. Regards
3 MJFerron   (5/5/2012 2:48:00 AM)
#2 Roberto Andrade: It is a cool window.
4 MJFerron   (5/5/2012 2:50:33 AM)
After looking again it's not the space up top it's the size of the image Roberto. Very big for the screen without making an extra effort.
5 Roberto Andrade   (5/5/2012 2:56:51 AM)
#4 MJFerron:
I dont know if i understand correctly. Do you mean you need move scroll to see the image?
6 Gotchas (( Wendy))   (5/5/2012 5:17:06 AM)
Well it fits on my screen so I have no problems with the size of it ;P But I think it will do fine without al the space allthought I understand why you took it this way.
I really like the texture it give your photo a classical mood and atmosphere. I only wonder what this line is?! Nice work!
Top 10 Recommendation
wahid (wahid noureldin)   (5/5/2012 6:43:28 AM)
Roberto, from my POV I appreciate the image as it is, verticality, textures, tones and the retro mood. Superbly handled in unique prentation.
8 Wessel-130766   (5/5/2012 10:44:46 AM)
I really like this one Roberto. Excellent use of the textures which enhances the mood of the image.
9 Carl Main   (5/5/2012 11:06:28 AM)
A fine capture of light and texture. Wonderful use of toning. An emotive and interesting image.
10 Ray Griffiths ( )   (5/5/2012 11:45:50 AM)
Textures and space are fine for me, perhaps the model's face could do with less grunge and more definition to make her stand out
11 Amaher (Amaher Amaher)   (5/5/2012 1:14:16 PM)
Great creative work , well done
12 Roberto Andrade   (5/5/2012 8:17:34 PM)
#1 MJFerron:
#6 Gotchas(( Wendy)):
#7 wahid(wahid noureldin):
#8 Wessel-130766:
#9 Carl Main:
#10 Ray Griffiths(The parents blame the teachers):
#11 Amaher(Amaher Amaher):
Thanks for nice and helpful words! Wendy and Ray, second version with ur suggestions. Many thx!
13 Gotchas (( Wendy))   (5/6/2012 2:21:25 AM)
Yes, better this way :)
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