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author Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)
title My Little Cinderella
date6/19/2012 11:02:12 AM
detailsWell, I have been taking about the Prom pictures I took, thought it was about time I posted one.

This is my oldest daughter in her Senior Prom dress. Her dream is to be Cinderella at Disney World and this is her Cinderella dress.

And these are the photos I was talking about were there is not enough light in her eyes.

And of course, any room for improvement is greatly appreciated!!

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1 Reda Danaf   (6/19/2012 11:42:52 AM)
Light or no light in the eyes, she is beautiful..You must be a proud father Tim.
2 B2O   (6/19/2012 11:53:39 AM)
Sorry Tim.....She's not little anymore. You got a great daughter already. I do see what you mentioned about the eyes. But these are much more harsh circumstances. Her eyebrow takes some sunlight from here eye away. And the only thing you could improve in my opinion is that your great daughter is to centered into the middle of the photo.
Nice place to be also. Crop suggestion just another picture (suggestion)
Gr. and thanks for your comment. Bas
suggested crop >>
3 LindaY (Linda Y)   (6/19/2012 12:01:48 PM)
Very nice full length photo of your beautiful daughter. I know that she will always be your little Cinderella even though she is growing up so fast. The setting is very nice and her pose is excellent. I do also like the crop that is offered by Bas as a close-up alternative (two photos for the price of one). My only suggestion for the full lenght version would be the removal of this rock.
4 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/19/2012 12:05:42 PM)
#1 Reda Danaf: Thanks, Reda!

#2 B2O: Thanks for the crop, I have another close up of her in a different area of this place. I also see that she is a little to center.

I also have some pictures more pictures of her and her date dancing in front of these doors. I have not had time to finish post processing the pictures yet.
5 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/19/2012 12:09:01 PM)
#3 LindaY(Linda Y): Thanks, you have a good eye, Linda, I missed that! I hope to get to the rest of the photos by this weekend. I did a shoot last week, Pipin, and have to fill around 10 orders first. My daughter is still upset with me, she wants her photos NOW, lol!
6 Wessel-130766   (6/19/2012 12:16:48 PM)
A beautiful Cinderella. It's a pity about not enough light in her eyes.
Maybe also clone these out even though it's not disturbing
7 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/19/2012 12:21:21 PM)
#6 Wessel-130766: Thanks, Wessel, I noticed those too...after I uploaded it, lol! And with the eyes, one of the things I could have done was tell her to put her head up a little, that would have put more light in her eyes!
8 Sreten   (6/19/2012 2:39:12 PM)
Beautiful young lady, great colors and light.
9 mojdeh raha   (6/19/2012 3:15:41 PM)
Your daughter is really beautiful and attractive woman ,Tim.I also agree with others about lack of light in her eyes.
10 ZHINO   (6/19/2012 4:24:40 PM)
I wish happiness for daughter, Tim
11 herman blockx   (6/19/2012 5:35:15 PM)
yes, your little daughter turned into a beautiful ,young woman; very charming picture; enough said about the light in her eyes ,
12 Mark Polis   (6/19/2012 6:41:40 PM)
Better Beamer, Tim!!!! Hahahahahaha...! You'll light up those eyes but good!
Seriously, gorgeous young lady. It's funny - when I see a photographer on your level miss some of these little details, I know that you're seeing your little baby girl through the misty eyes of a father.

Be proud. Ya done good, Dad.
13 Jeanne Miller   (6/19/2012 7:16:07 PM)
Beautiful girl, Tim. The light on her face is too harsh, I think. Perhaps you could use fill flash to soften the shadows.
14 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/19/2012 7:57:42 PM)
#8 Sreten:
#9 mojdeh raha:
#10 ZHINO:
#11 herman blockx:
#12 Mark Polis: hahahaha!!
#13 Jeanne Miller:

Thanks, all!
15 MJFerron   (6/20/2012 1:31:11 AM)
Don't agree the light id too harsh. She's adorable.
16 Yan M   (6/20/2012 2:29:14 AM)
And Ilike the house on theb/g too....make a perfect backdrop
17 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/20/2012 7:26:36 AM)
#15 MJFerron: Mike, I did not think the lighting was that bad. Infact, there was a nice haze over sun, which made the lighting a little softer.

#16 Yan M: I was not sure if the house in the back would work but my wife loved the BG. She is still mad at me about the eyes though, lol!

Thanks, gents, for stopping by! We had a lot of fun that day.
18 joe bellantoni   (6/20/2012 11:14:11 AM)
You need an assistant with a reflector....that wold work wonders for this type of shot....they are very inexpensive and one side is silver and one gold for a warmer effect...use one of you offspring for cheaper pretty girl Tim!
19 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/20/2012 12:01:27 PM)
#18 joe bellantoni: hahahahahaha, I try to get my youngest daughter to help but she gives me a hard time! And I have to remember that people are not wildlife...wildlife, direct sun light, people, put in the shade!
20 mrgetz (Thinkyouneek )   (6/20/2012 5:16:55 PM)
#19 Tim Pereira(T-Bear ):

You can put that reflector on a light stand, or clamp it to a nearby object. Better still, should have been taken in the shade with fill flash.
21 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/21/2012 7:14:03 AM)
#20 mrgetz(Thinkyouneek ):

Thanks, Marty, I really appreciate your comment! I really thought I had enough light in her eyes when I was taking these photos. The lighting was so nice that afternoon but when I got home, I noticed there was not a lot of light in her eyes and could not add any in post processing, :(.

I just posted a photo with flash fill and would love to see what you think.
22 Tim Pereira ( T-Bear)   (6/21/2012 8:46:10 AM)
#12 Mark Polis: I wanted to thank you for this comment you made about me Mark but I'm just a very simple photographer. I do not see myself us this high end, high tech photographer. I feel like I still have so much to learn. I'm all self tought. You do not know how much I would love to hang out with a professional photographer, to see all the different angles that they see, lighting tips, better poses, which I really suck at. My wife is the one that is better at posing then me.

But to me, posing and taking the picture is about 3/4 of the process. Post processing is another thing. Again, all self tought. I think I'm not bad at post processing but photoshop has so much to offer. Now, with my stage shot, that is almost straight from the camera. Yes, I open singles photos in PS for posting here, but if you look at my photos on FB, those are in Lightroom only. Only thing I add in PS is better sharpening and Noise Ninja, then cloning out little things.
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