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author Les McLean (**** ))
title Blind eye
date1/25/2004 4:36:35 PM
detailsThis is the domed ceiling in the entrance hall at my workplace, the building dates from the 18th century, and I pass through here every workday on the way to my office. It wasn't until a doctor of architecture approached me for permission to study some of the architectural components of the building, that it dawned on me what beautiful artistic work was all around, hence the title.
Canon 10D, 0.8sec@f22 17-40mm F4L lens, ISO100, tripod, mirror lock up.
Xylenediol camphorated spraying kithara glossoptosis quicklime, pilework. Capronic overhauling steriometric spikenard.

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1 gdanger (George Dangerfield)   (1/25/2004 4:57:58 PM)
Something quite different from you Les, great colors and clarity, I love the sweeping curves and the way this pulls my eye in!
2 Alan Kinnersley   (1/25/2004 5:01:11 PM)
Agree #1. This ia a wonderfull capture showing a great period of time.
3 Dogleader   (1/25/2004 5:05:02 PM)
Hard to believe you have passed this up for ???? years Les, the symmetry the color, very nice for sure. Chip
4 Amuletum ( )   (1/25/2004 5:06:50 PM)
Now this is my kind of photo. I love it, Les. Please show me more of this beautiful building. I love architectural photography.
5 Zygmunt   (1/25/2004 5:11:36 PM)
PERFECT and clear
6 Todd Burke   (1/25/2004 5:26:16 PM)
Looks like it would be a cool place to work. I work in dark building...windowless office....and the worse color paint imaginable. The only thing it's got going for it interior wise is the hundreds of photos I usually have plastered on my wall of my family. :-)

Oh ya, nice capture by the way.
7 CherylB (I only lie when I do not like your pic)   (1/25/2004 5:41:17 PM)
wooooo know
8 Martin Stainsby   (1/25/2004 5:42:15 PM)
Wonderful patterns and colours. Very crisp. It is a really great shot. You must be pleased with that new lens Les? I am looking forward to seeing more like this.
9 Les McLean (**** ))   (1/25/2004 5:52:28 PM)
#8 Martin Stainsby: Thanks Martin, and yes I do like the 17-40 lens, as a comparison to the sigma 17-35mm I've found the differences:
the canon produces pinsharp images across the aperture range, the sigma required you to be at f8-f32, the canon reproduces colour and tonal ranges spectrum better.
Saying that at f11 and at an even light you can't really tell the difference
The canon is more robust, important when you are bouncing around the dales.
The extra 5mm at the long end is useful at times , and saves changing lenses so frequently.
The only thing I miss is being able to stop down to f32, the canon only goes to f22.
10 ulol   (1/25/2004 6:22:53 PM)
very nice dude! excellent flow of lines in great colors..just like in your marvelous water compos! flawless!
11 Jonathan Wise   (1/25/2004 6:25:43 PM)
A lovely looking shot,what a great combination of colour and form.
12 MJFerron   (1/25/2004 6:26:51 PM)
Les this is so different for you. Beautiful.
13 Regina Lopes   (1/25/2004 6:31:17 PM)
14 Fernando Dias   (1/25/2004 7:44:24 PM)
Excellent image!
score 9,5
15 Allan Munsie   (1/25/2004 7:54:47 PM)
Incredible. A great study of interior architecture. It's a view I would love to have every day as I come to the office.
16 Reidar   (1/25/2004 8:11:01 PM)
Totaly different from you!! But still the same good work! (9,45)
17 archera (Roland DiSabatino)   (1/25/2004 8:29:36 PM)
Indeed this is a beautiful photo Les, the perspective and composition are just terrific, and I like your story too. It reminded me of the blind carpenter that picked up his hammer and saw. :O) It's great too that you saw this! :O)
18 Kris Bass (peter pan is so real ))   (1/26/2004 1:29:45 AM)
Absolutely incredible. The perspective is out of this world. The colors really compliment each other. Great shot.
19 Yuri Bonder   (1/26/2004 2:01:42 AM)
Wonderful 9/5
20 ckldybr (A perfect photo is just a click away)   (1/26/2004 2:34:54 AM)
The geomety, and colors in this are stunning Les. A beautiful place. You've captured it so well. It's amazing how often we pass by beauty and never notice it. Take care. Barb.
21 Cheryl Surry   (1/26/2004 3:57:34 AM)
Not your usual kind of photo, but stunning none the less
22 MarcinTomaha (. Tomaszewski)   (1/26/2004 4:06:27 AM)
23 herman blockx   (1/26/2004 4:36:29 AM)
great stuff! the hal of are company is a bit disappointing compared to this one!
24 gmx (Gustav Miller)   (1/26/2004 4:50:13 AM)
Great architecture.
Impressive, admirable photographic work.
One of the best architectural images I have seen here.
25 Olivier Deme   (1/26/2004 5:05:33 AM)
This is different from your yousual pictures, and it is also really excellent.
The framing by the stairs is perfect.
I like your title.
Composition: 10. Technique: 10. Originality: 8. Impact: 8. Overall: 9.
26 Ruud (they just ain't worth it)   (1/26/2004 5:32:11 AM)
Yes the compo, lines, perspective and exposure are all excelent, But what makes the scene for me is the deep blue contrasting so nicely with the warm other colors!
27 Biliana ((I am against CHERYL B)   (1/26/2004 7:31:59 AM)
wonderful. Bravo. Kiss, biliana
28 Gabriela   (1/26/2004 7:49:16 AM)
WOW!!!....this is great. Lean. The architecture as well as your shot.
29 MarioP   (1/26/2004 8:19:30 AM)
Yes, we always look but we only see when we really want... Great photo, be attentive :))
30 oneolden   (1/26/2004 8:22:41 AM)
Excellent composition and very ornate.
31 stefano   (1/26/2004 8:32:34 AM)
Excellent Bravoooooooo...... !! Congrats. Ciao Stefano
32 cmoore   (1/26/2004 8:48:04 AM)
outstanding lines, clear, and well composed.......
33 Adam Piscitelli   (1/26/2004 8:57:06 AM)
This has got to be the best staircase shot I've seen. Excellent in all aspects.
34 Miguel Lasa   (1/26/2004 10:13:23 AM)
superb quality and great composition
35 Berenice Kauffmann Abud (AFIAP /2004)   (1/26/2004 10:13:44 AM)
This is wonderful Les!!!
Great work!!!
36 jr   (1/26/2004 10:40:33 AM)
Very very nice, I'm feeling like someone's watching over me...
37 zohar (Zohar&Rachel C)   (1/26/2004 11:22:38 AM)
Perfect picture of a perfect subject. The pattern of the center of a sunflower - and all the composite flowers.
38 Roger Ranney (Don't block the shot)   (1/26/2004 11:31:26 AM)
Terrific graphics! Color, exposure, subject, and presentation all excellent!
39 Eleni   (1/26/2004 11:35:06 AM)
Bravo Les...very good colors and comp.
40 Vladimir Buryakov   (1/26/2004 11:43:36 AM)
It is a find!
41 Andrzej Fryda   (1/26/2004 12:16:24 PM)
42 Eva Backlund   (1/26/2004 12:22:08 PM)
Excellent composition! Perfect work!!
43 Marcos Antonio F da Silva   (1/26/2004 12:32:30 PM)
Perfect, Les.
44 Mike Cunning   (1/26/2004 1:19:58 PM)
Beautiful photo.
45 cARTerART (Claire Carter)   (1/26/2004 1:45:34 PM)
Looks like you'll get that elusive 9 - and well deserved too. I bet those stairs are good training for your walks in the Dales.
46 Edite   (1/26/2004 1:59:07 PM)
Wonderful colors and patern. Great light and sharpeness.
Excellent in all ways!!!
47 Rog M   (1/26/2004 3:13:47 PM)
Superb work les, very well seen & taken indeed! Looks like your at home with your new lens also! Did u trade the old one in, and did you not also think about the 12-24 from sigma?
48 Kim Adams (Let's go Cardinals! )   (1/26/2004 8:54:02 PM)
49 Maria A. Herkenhoff   (1/26/2004 9:06:41 PM)
WOW...Unique and beautiful!!!
50 gerald johnson   (1/26/2004 9:10:58 PM)
Well done Les, No water, but well done anyway......................gerald
51 LindaY (Linda Y)   (1/26/2004 9:24:52 PM)
Beautiful, Les! I also love the curves and colors in this. It is really amazing how much beauty there is around us if we only look. I hope that you will share some more of this beautiful architecture with us! Excellent! I have my eye on that lens too. It sounds like you are very happy with it.
52 Carmela Romano   (1/26/2004 10:06:00 PM)
Wow! That's my first reaction when I saw this photo. I can't believe you didn't notice this beauty until someone else noticed it, but then, it's true we take things for granted. I'm glad in the end you did notice it and share that treasure with us. I love the composition, the colors, everything. How much more are you hiding from us? :)
53 Norman Cheung   (1/26/2004 10:24:50 PM)
Excellent work Les, really love the tone, feeling warm.
54 Apple Juice (Tait F)   (1/27/2004 4:33:45 AM)
Great catch. A good combination of colors and textures.
55 KAY (........ .......)   (1/27/2004 8:50:22 AM)
Congrats on you POD! A real stunner..kay
56 Louison   (1/27/2004 9:07:07 AM)
And to say that you didn't share this with us sooner! Tsk tsk tsk...

Wonderful colors and lines. I want to see more of this place!
57 Sunny   (1/28/2004 2:44:47 AM)
Excellent shot. Beautiful artwork. Atleast you did capture it...better late than never.
58 Kenn Reay   (1/28/2004 4:00:15 PM)

This works on two (fantastic) levels for me. The first for the person who put the architechural elements together in the first place. What vision! And that he (or she) went for so long undiscovered, it was waiting to be revealed. Now that you've done that, it has been done so sympahetically, in harmony with the original view, it really works. Today at work, a fellow "blinker" mentioned that "Les" had been photographing ceilings! We looked around at our modern office block with flush lighting and PCs everywhere and realised that we'd just have to change jobs to stand a chance!. Great composition, exposure and colours. Nowt more to say. Kenn
59 Joel P Black   (1/28/2004 4:50:36 PM)
Let me add my congrats on a beautifully well executed photo. You make pictures when many of us take pictures.
60 Greg (Greg Governale)   (1/31/2004 4:06:33 PM)
Les, I don't have anything to add that hasn't already been said. Congratulations on a great image which is a joy to look at over and over again. Greg Governale
61 Chantal   (1/31/2004 9:21:51 PM)
Wonderful eye Les - better late than never!
62 Kazimierz Morski   (2/4/2004 8:24:03 AM)
Ditto all above!!! :)K.M.
63 joe bellantoni   (2/5/2004 2:16:21 PM)
Excellent warm tones and clarity. good design sense. Love the perspective.
64 Axel   (2/11/2004 7:15:50 PM)
Perfect exposure...
65 Rodger   (2/13/2004 11:56:03 PM)
very well done Les
66 Fritz Isenberg   (2/27/2004 9:22:44 AM)
Simply perfect! ~ Fritz
67 DeCastro   (3/16/2004 1:49:12 PM)
A lovely looking shot,what a great combination of colour and form.
68 mbighin (Mauro Bighin)   (3/20/2004 6:32:32 AM)
I had missed this. Excellent
69 Terry Forrest (Teresa Forrest)   (4/4/2004 11:56:06 PM)
Yes, indeed, better late than never. Need I tell you, though, who wouldn't have missed this - LOL?

The title works nicely with this doubly - 1st going along with your not seeing it right away, and 2nd because that looks like an eye to me. Love the gorgeous colors and that sweeping, lovely flow of curving staircase with such intricate details is really superb. Rather than Others, this really belongs in Abstract! Congrats on all the well-deserved honors for this. You should, if you haven't already, had a large print done, matted and framed and in your office! (9.5)
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