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PhotoBlink Primary Membership Signup

NOTE PhotoBlink Basic Membership is FREE of charge. You can register as a Basic PhotoBlink Member here.

If you are interested in many more options including the unique Primary Member Gallery with PayPal support please read on.

Welcome to the PhotoBlink Primary Membership sign-up page!

PhotoBlink exists for over 3 years now. It is constantly being upgraded with hundreds of unique features, and over this period it has become increasingly popular among photographers. For all this time, it was a free site for its members. I also managed to keep it free of banners and adverts for this whole period. But the site requires more and more expenses for hosting, maintenance and development, which I cannot bear alone any more. I don't have ANY team, partners or sponsors to help me with this Herculesian task.

Your membership payment will go towards covering the above mentioned costs and will be greatly appreciated. However I don't want your membership to be just a hidden way of asking for a donation, like it is practiced by some other sites. I would like to give you as much as I can in return. So for your Primary Membership together with my deep appreciation you will get a sparkling array of extras, some of which are unique and have never been offered by any other photographic site in the world.
~ Sergei Samus. PhotoBlink Webmaster.

Below you can find a brief list of extra features for PhotoBlink Primary Members (please read help for more info).

  • A Primary Member icon PhotoBlink Primary Member (or similar) is added to your personal links bar. The icon is linked to your Primary Member Map page.
  • Instant voting status is enabled without you having to post a minimum of 10 images.
  • PhotoBlink front page Member Corner with all convenient shortcuts including your last sent image (instead of the Primary Membership ad).
  • Active list of all onliners (members who are currently on line), in your messenger.
  • Increased maximum allowed size of submitted images.
  • Increased maximum allowed number of submissions per week (starts from 7 pictures/week. Compare to 3/week for Basic members and 5/week for basic kiloblinkers).
  • Increased maximum allowed number of batch submissions per day.
  • Anonymous posting feature. Great when you want to avoid the 'recognition' factor in voting for your photo.
  • Personal messages/ads publishing on the PhotoBlink front page and on the "Info Blinks" page. Show me
  • Personal links publishing on the PhotoBlink "Member Links" page.
  • PhotoBlink Primary Member Map Page In addition to your standard Author page it will show in an attractive way all important links to your PhotoBlink presence: your Gallery, messages and links, last photos, domain names and others. You will be able to upload your self-portrait and your biographic (or other) note there. Show me
  • Those members who don't have a PB Honor Portfolio will be still able to display their self-portrait and biography or other custom info on their Author View pages. Show me
  • Support for multiple photoblink subdomain names instead of just one. As the number of your standard personal links on PhotoBlink increases, this feature becomes very important for presenting your work professionally.
  • Your PhotoBlink Member Guest Book can be easily accessed from almost any place on PhotoBlink. You will be notified by e-mail about each new record in your guest book.
  • PhotoBlink Primary Member Gallery A state of the art feature that enables you to create an appealing gallery of your images with support of custom products and PayPal payments. A unique user interface will help you design any number of custom products and map them to your gallery images individually. Gallery halls feature will help you categorize your images quickly and easily. One button click will toggle your gallery between a single- to a multi- hall modes. Other features like image quality proof or product specs will enable you to build a proffessional reputation among your customers. Show me

If you are already a registered PhotoBlink user and want your existing account to be associated with your primary membership, please log in before you proceed with your membership registration!

Please fill in the form below. When your Primary Membership is created, you will receive an email with your password that you should use for logging in. We will use your PayPal email, which you could change later from the "My Photoblink" page.
First Name
Last Name
Name on Photoblink - any simple name or your real name (recommended)
Login Name - name you type when logging to the site (for better security)

Please read the options for different Primary Membership levels. When you decide, which membership you would like to purchase, press a corresponding "Get Membership" button. You will be redirected to the PayPal payment page. Please complete your PayPal procedure, in full to enable automatic creation of your Primary Membership. When your payment is through, log out and then log in again. When you select the "Membership" menu item (same as brought you to this page) you will be brought to your main Primary Member Editor page.

Please note that by registering for either Basic or Primary Membership you accept PhotoBlink regulations described in the about section.

Primary Member
Primary Member icon: yes
Instant voting: yes
Member Corner: yes
Member Map Page: yes
Anonymous posting: yes
Full messenger: yes
Enhanced author's view: yes
Guest Book: yes
Max. submission size: 250Kb
Streamline pics/week: 7
Max. batch pics/day: 2
Gallery halls: 4
Local Gallery photos: 24
Total Gallery photos: 36
Quality Proof Photos: 10
Subdomains: 5
Member links: 2
Ads/month: 2
Price/year: $30

Primary Member +
Primary Member icon: yes
Instant voting: yes
Member Corner: yes
Member Map Page: yes
Anonymous posting: yes
Full messenger: yes
Enhanced author's view: yes
Guest Book: yes
Max. submission size: 300Kb
Streamline pics/week: 9
Max. batch pics/day: 3
Gallery halls: 6
Local Gallery photos: 48
Total Gallery photos: 72
Quality Proof Photos: 15
Subdomains: 10
Member links: 3
Ads/month: 3
Price/year: $50

Primary Member ++
Primary Member icon: yes
Instant voting: yes
Member Corner: yes
Member Map Page: yes
Anonymous posting: yes
Full messenger: yes
Enhanced author's view: yes
Guest Book: yes
Max. submission size: 350Kb
Streamline pics/week: 12
Max. batch pics/day: 4
Gallery halls: 8
Local Gallery photos: 72
Total Gallery photos: 108
Quality Proof Photos: 20
Subdomains: 15
Member links: 4
Ads/month: 4
Price/year: $70

Trial Member
Primary Member icon: yes
Instant voting: no
Member Corner: yes
Member Map Page: yes
Anonymous posting: yes
Full messenger: yes
Enhanced author's view: yes
Guest Book: yes
Max. submission size: 130Kb
Streamline pics/week: 5
Max. batch pics/day: 2
Gallery halls: 2
Local Gallery photos: 9
Total Gallery photos: 15
Quality Proof Photos: 2
Subdomains: 5
Member links: 2
Ads/month: 2
Price/year: $0


- Normally your account will be automatically created as soon as we receive an auto-notification from PayPal. However, if you pay by eCheck, your membership will be activated when your payment is cleared by PayPal. They state that the clearance process usually take 4 business days.

- Considering a very high cost of hosting, maintenance and development of the site I will not be able to provide any Primary Membership refunds.

- In order to obtain the PhotoBlink Free Trial Membership account you would need to participate for some period of time as a Basic Member. The participation criteria is chosen by us and can vary in time. The Trial Membership is granted only once to a Basic Member.

- PhotoBlink is designed for browsing with the Internet Explorer 5.5+ for the PC. If you are running a Mac or Unix computer or using another browser, you should be aware that you might experience some unpredictable behavior while using PhotoBlink. Recently I've made many updates to improve compatibility with Mozilla and Netscape 7.0 browsers. In fact, all Primary Membership features are now compatible with these user agents, however some functionality is still unavailabe for pages with advanced JavaScript features.

PhotoBlink © Sergei Samus.